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Executive Report Regional Council September 2013

Executive Report Regional Council September 2013

This is our Council Of Executive Member Janine Booth's report to the regional Council meeting for September. This is just a brief overview - many of the items will be on this site, but you can find out more by attending regional council held on the last Thursday of each month at the Exmouth Arms near Euston Station.


• Advisory Committee meeting today; verbal report to be given
• Domestic Violence policy: LUL resisting adopting a policy; other companies more positive; others no response (see it here.
• UN Day of Action against violence against women, 25 November
• nominations open for TUC Women’s Conference 2014
• trip to see Malala Yousafzai at South Bank Centre, 20 October

Black and ethnic minority
• Advisory Committee meeting 12 September
• RMT pursuing information from companies on BEM recruitment

• Advisory Committee to take place on 7 October
• campaigning against Russia’s homophobic laws

• TUC Disabled Workers’ Committee,
13 November
• ‘Autism in the Workplace’ training,
12 November


• EGMs - need more signatures
• closure of fund to new starters - GGC has declared complete opposition to this

ISS Cleaners
• fingerprinting -> campaign, stickers
• overtime ban
• boycott of biometric booking on
• implementation put back to January

Barclays Bikes
• Zak Dahou won ET
• progress made on bullying and rosters
• overtime ban suspended
• possible progress with recognition

Attendance policies
• Executive is compiling info on various companies’ policies, in preparation for campaign
• asked branches for examples and comments - no response
• obtained legal advice that treating genuine, certified sickness absence as a disciplinary issue may be unlawful

TfL cuts
• joint campaign with Action4Rail / other unions
• day of leafleting / protests across London,
23 October
• resolution at TUC Congress
• broadsheet out next week (hopefully)

LU casualisation / agencies
• ballot preparation still awaiting response from reps and branches
• J33: workshop has taken place; awaiting date for assessments
• figures on non-permanent labour

Preparation of ballot matrices
• detailed discussion at Organisation, Education and Training Sub-Committee next week

LU stations
• talks at ACAS next week re mobile supervision - should also include ticket offices and other breaches of 2008 casualisation dispute settlement
• Whitechapel station protest 19 October
• GGC decision to demand assurances from LUL that there will be no reduction in station staffing or we will be in dispute

LU service control
• meeting today; verbal report to be given

LU trains
• Vic line: strike action 8 October - 5 November; stop work after fourth rounder
• S Stock: dispute settled; important progress made; working group on S Stock set up
• Picc line: to be discussed at GGC next week
• Jubilee line: review meeting postponed
• Jason Moriarty: ET finished; await result
• Central line: some progress, but issues still outstanding
• driverless trains: lessons from Helsinki

Read more about how the London Transport region of the RMT is fighting all job cuts in all grades here

Internal Structures Review
• branches have until 1 November to respond

Euro elections
• RMT will be participating in the No2EU - Yes to Workers’ Rights candidature

Parliamentary group
• RMT Executive is consulting MPs about setting up a cross-Party Parliamentary group

Full GGC and Council of Executives decisions can be read in the minutes, and at www.rmtlondoncalling.org.uk/execdecisions