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RMT stations' action update

The attached poster highlights action which the RMT called in January 2022 and remains in place. You can also read the circular from 19th of January below.


The action called in January

19th January 2022

Dear Colleagues,


Tube station workers to strike on June 6

4,000 station tube staff to walk out on June 6

Tube union RMT has criticised TfL for threatening 600 job losses on the network.

General Secretary Mick Lynch said:"TfL is trying to bulldoze through 600 job losses on London Underground and our members are not prepared to accept that.

"Station staff play a crucial role in serving the travelling public and were heroes during the 7/7 terrorist attacks.

TfL funding deal ends soon

TfLs latest funding deal will end on June 24th and London Underground plotting ways to make half a billion pounds of cuts.

Read the attached newsletter to see what RMT, the only union to have taken industrial action so far, is doing in response.

Join our demo: fight the job cuts

On the day that the Elizabeth Line opens to the public, join our demo on the corner of New Oxford St and Charing Cross Road.

On Tuesday, the Elizabeth line finally opens and the world will be told how great transport in London is. But thousands of jobs (600 on tube stations alone) are under threat from Tory cuts to transport funding in London.

A pensions grab is underway and working agreements are being torn up. Fewer staff, knackered staff, poorer service; this is ‘managed decline’ the Mayor speaks of.

Instead of a recommended approach and implementation plan, pension report is an assortment of attacks

Dear Colleague,


I refer to my previous correspondence, 2Oth December 2021, you will be aware that Sir Brendan Barber the head of the Review Commission looking into the TfL Pension Fund submitted the final report on 28th March 2022.

RMT Strike and opposition to pension cuts have rocked management’s timetable for 'reform'

  • This text is taken from the attached newsletter. Please download, print and distribute it in your LU / TfL workplace

Strikes and opposition to pension cuts have rocked management’s timetable for so-called reform of our pensions. When Brendon Barber took on the review of the TfL pension fund the terms of reference said he would refine proposals and outline a timetable for implementation by 31 March 2022. 

We will not accept 'managed decline' of jobs, working arrangements or pensions

In the run up to ACAS talks between London Underground and RMT, National Executive Committee rep Jared Wood says:

"we are not prepared to accept the managed decline of our public transport system, we are not prepared to accept the managed decline of services and we are not prepared to accept the managed decline of jobs, working arrangements or pensions."