⌚ Posted 1 month 21 hours ago
Violence against staff on LU stations is becoming a daily occurrence. Lone working is not acceptable when our members face such high levels of risk of assault. LU has refused to fill nearly 100 RCI posts and now management are talking about downgrading these jobs. The running sore of CSA2 members...

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⌚ Posted 2 months 3 weeks ago
Stations & Revenue SFC reps are organising a series of new liaison events where L1 reps on stations and revenue can talk with us about the L1 process of prelims, meetings and report backs. The event will also cover mapping membership and LDIs, in particular related to the AAW. The first event will be on 17 October. Speak to a SFC rep to...

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⌚ Posted 3 months 1 week ago
You will all be aware that there has been a massive increase in the incidence of anti-social behaviour and assaults on members of LUL staff in recent times. On the District East Group in particular there have been a number of violent incidents on trains and stations which have caused grave concerns for staff safety, particularly for those lone-...

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⌚ Posted 6 months 4 days ago
  An agreement from SFC dated 2005 Whilst LUL managers may deny these agreements there’s no doubt they exist. They just don’t like sharing. The SFC 2019 have, at the request of our reps, re-issued the following advice. It’s important we make them stick to agreements made with the RMT