Trainpeople - Justice For The 33

LU inherited a contract with the Trainpeople agency from Silverlink in 2007. In breach of agreements with unions, for five years LU continued to use agency staff in LU uniform while Trainpeople paid them as little as £6.75 per hour. Trainpeople staff joined RMT and organised for equal rights with permanent staff as stipulated in the 2010 Agency Worker Regulations. Without warning, LU terminated its contract with the Trainpeople Agency a year early! We are are now fighting for these thirty-three workers to be employed by London Underground.

RMT To Ballot For Industrial Action Over Tube Use Of Agency Workers

We note the continuing widespread use of agency labour by London Underground Ltd (and other parts of Transport for London): as of 2 April this year, there were 829 'non-permanent' staff on London Underground Ltd. LUL’s continuing use and abuse of agency staff is seriously detrimental to LUL employees, as it undermines their opportunities to obtain and retain work and creates disruption in the workplace Ltd. We reaffirm our demand that LUL stops using agencies and offers their workers permanent employment - including those of the 33 former Trainpeople employees that it has not yet employed.

Justice For The 33 Sack The Agency Not The Workers.

Please help by downloading the poster below and displaying it in your workplace.

Please come and support rmt members who worked for over 5 years on lul but have now been dropped by after being promised permanent jobs.

WHEN - Every Monday Morning 08.30

WHERE - From London Bridge Station, Tooley Street Entrance to City Hall

London Underground Management were happy to have these hardworking staff working on the Under-ground for many years


Executive Report Regional Council September 2013

This is our Council Of Executive Member Janine Booth's report to the regional Council meeting for September. This is just a brief overview - many of the items will be on this site, but you can find out more by attending regional council held on the last Thursday of each month at the Exmouth Arms near Euston Station. EQUALITIES REPORT Women • Advisory Committee meeting today; verbal report to be given

Why cant LUL open ticket offices as advertised?

London Underground continually fails to open ticket offices because of staff shortages, as the board in the picture testifies.
How can it be thus, there were 33 agency workers sacked by LUL earlier this year? These workers were ticket office clerks, staff who would have been able to open ticket offices that LUL claim they have not enough staff for.

J33 Demo's Continue

The 33 RMT members sacked by LUL must be given permanent jobs

RMT General Secretary Bob Crow has joined our Monday morning protest - have you?

A demo takes place each Monday morning to heap pressure on the tube bosses.

Justice for the 33 campaign. Sack the agency not the workers.
Please come and support RMT members who worked for over 5 years on LUL but have now been dropped by after being promised permanent jobs
Monday mornings at thw Tooley Street exit of London Bridge 0800 - 1000

RMT Regional Council August 2013: Motions

Justice For The 33
"This region calls on the national executive to enact the request for a ballot for industrial action regarding the issue of casualisation of labour on LUL and the re -instatement of the workers known as the J33 into permanent positions". Finsbury Park

Driverless Trains
We are dismayed to learn that on July 4th London Mayor Boris Johnson again called for driverless trains to be introduced on the Underground. He informed the media that LUL will never again order trains with driver’s cabs.

RMT Decisions On Equality Matters

Domestic Violence Policy
Further to Decision No.CEWW, 23rd July 2013, the Equal Rights Sub-Committee submits the following report:

“That the General Secretary is instructed to raise this item with all the Regional Organisers who we have meetings with over the month of August 2013 and have a further update at the September Statutory meeting. Finally, the General Secretary to write to all other unions we share collective bargaining with and send them a copy of the policy for their consideration.

Sexual Violence Against Female Employees

London Cycle Hire Scheme & Justice For The 33

From London Transport Regional Secretary John Reid

RMT Serco Barclays London bike staff announce 48 hours strike after 100% vote for strike action over pay and conditions

JOIN THE PICKET LINE 0530 Hours Penton Street, near Angel Tube 12&13 August

TRANSPORT UNION RMT today confirmed 48 hours of strike action later this month on the Serco Barclays “Boris” bikes after a 100% for strike action by the workforce on the London cycle scheme over a range of grievances.

RMT London Underground Bulletin - Sack The Agency Not The Workers

RMT has produced a newsletter on agency working, describing the numerous issues with being employed by an agency, why that suits the bosses, and how it risks the jobs of workers on permanent contracts.

In this newsletter:

  • Sack the agencies - not the workers
  • The harsh facts about agencies
  • Justice for the Trainpeople 33
  • Bring All Agency Trackworkers Into Permanent Direct Lu In-house Employment!
  • Halting the spread of agency work