Resolutions Passed At Regional Council September 2013

These resolutions were passed at the Regional Council meeting held in September 2013.

Oyster Cards Resolution
This branch is appalled at the error that removes money from people's wave and pay accounts instead of their oyster. We believe TfL should publicise this matter and repay any monies collected by mistake. We call on our Union to contact TfL and demand these actions are done

Eastern European Migrant Workers
We note that from 1 January 2014, restrictions will be lifted on Bulgarian and Romanian citizens coming to the UK to live and work. Those people who do so are likely to find themselves in the lowest-paid, most insecure jobs. Many of these jobs will be in London Transport, for example in contracted-out cleaning, catering and engineering functions.

To add insult to injury, Eastern European migrant workers will be the target of prejudice and abuse whipped up by the likes of the EDL, UKIP, some politicians and newspapers. The belief that migrant workers are to blame for social ills and attacks on workers' rights is mistaken - it is the employers' class and its political representatives who attack and divide all workers, native and migrant.

Accordingly, we welcome Eastern European migrant transport workers to London, and resolve to make every effort to promote strong union organisation and workers' unity. In particular, this Regional Council resolves to:

  1. Actively circulate Polish-language materials produced by RMT nationally
  2. Produce appropriate materials in other Eastern European languages
  3. Organise a 'Welcome' event early in the new year
  4. Produce materials for circulation among all our members, challenging hostility to migrant workers
  5. Organise protest actions targeting the cowboy contractors and agencies which super-exploit workers
  6. Noting the support that has been given to our organising work among London Underground cleaners by representatives of the Bulgarian FTTUB trade union active in the ETF women's committee, to explore the possibilities of inviting them to visit London to help promote this work