London Underground Job Cuts Dispute 2010-11

Resolution: ACAS Talks

This resolution, submitted by LU Engineering branch, was carried unanimously by the November meeting of the Regional Council.

That this region fails to understand the logic of the talks at ACAS over the station job losses that have excluded our elected Regional Organiser and left the team at ACAS without an elected official to represent and negotiate for us all at these talks. We therefore call on this exclusion to be withdrawn and our Regional Organiser reinstated to these talks.

Resolution: Escalation of LU Job Cuts Dispute

This resolution, submitted (and amended) by Finsbury Park branch, was carried by the November meeting of the Regional Council:

This Region calls upon the union to urgently campaign for an escalation of the action in the dispute regarding jobs and safety on LUL as already agreed at regional level in order to win the dispute.

We recommend that one of the days for action should be Saturday 18th December.

Resolution: LU Jobs and Safety Dispute

This resolution, submitted by Bakerloo branch, proposed by East Ham and seconded by LU Engineering, was carried by the November meeting of the Regional Council.

The LTRC congratulates all RMT and TSSA members for their solidarity and determination to resist the attacks on our job from the tube bosses and the Tory Mayor. We also place on record our thanks and sincere appreciation to those non members who respected our picket lines.

Join our Picket Lines

RMT and TSSA will be picketing around 100 stations, depots and other workplaces - some on Sunday evening, most on Monday throughout the day, starting in the early morning. Please come along and support us. The current list of pickets is below.

Management Threats and Bullying

A message from Steve Hedley, RMT Regional Organiser

The RMT strike action and action short of a strike is taking place after a legally held ballot. You may have seen an employee relations bulletin suggesting that you can get into trouble for going on strike or refusing to abide by the 5 pounds minimum top up policy, this is nonsense.

ACAS talks collapse as RMT offers binding arbitration and management refuse

Regional Organiser Steve Hedley writes ...

I regret to inform you that despite our best efforts in negotiations at ACAS, talks have broken down due to management's refusal to compromise.The RMT delegation proposed that we should enter binding arbitration on the issue of the criterion for deciding on ticket office opening hours, a process where both sides put their arguments and an independent body decides on the merits of the case. In an action that betrays their lack of any solid justification for massive job cuts, management issued a press statement saying they will not go.


In ACAS talks today your Union together with TSSA tabled a new proposal to LU management which includes a recommendation for the suspension of industrial action if the management side agree to a twelve week suspension of the implementation of their station staffing cuts proposals to allow for a thorough station-by-station safety evaluation to take place.

Leaked Internal Document Exposes TfL Lie That Job Cuts Won’t Lead To Unstaffed Stations

TUBE UNION RMT today repeated its call for a halt to the TfL jobs cuts programme after a leaked internal London Underground document, passed to the union, confirmed that the management claim that they have no plans for unstaffed stations as a result of the cuts is a total lie.

“There are a number of stations across the network which is [sic] left unstaffed from time to time. Where this is the case without LLPA there is no audible means of providing service disruption information to customers on platforms. With the OSP [station staff job cuts programme] and future station staffing changes it may become more of an issue at more locations more frequently.”