London Underground Job Cuts Dispute 2010-11

Video: Tube Workers And Supporters Protest Outside London's City Hall Over Ticket Office Cuts

RMT and TSSA union activists and supporters urged London Mayor Boris Johnson to reverse ticket office closures on London Underground that will see 800 jobs cut and safety seriously compromised. They delivered 1,500 protest postcards signed by Londoners warning of the dangers of the plan and demanding a rethink. Video filmed and edited by Chris Kasrils.

Talks Resume on Stations Job Cuts

From Bob Crow, RMT General Secretary:

Management, ourselves and TSSA have agreed to the resumption of talks in this dispute with detailed reviews now to take place which had previously been proposed at talks at ACAS in the run up to the last 24 hour strike. These proposals had been withdrawn once we had decided to press on with the last strike day. The reviews are listed below together with the number of representatives allocated to each.

1. Supplementary Safety Review

Protest at Mayor's Question Time - Stop Job Cuts!

Join RMT in protesting outside Mayor's Question Time at London's City Hall (nearest station: London Bridge, map here). We will be handing in the thousands of postcards that Londoners have filled in demanding that cuts to station staffing be withdrawn.

We want lots of protestors to join us, in order to crank up the pressure on the Mayor, to get positive media coverage, and to maintain the momentum of our campaign.

RMT Calls for New Talks on Job Cuts Dispute

RMT has sent the following letter to London Underground's Director of Employee Relations:


I am writing to propose a way forward with regard the dispute between LUL and the trade unions RMT and TSSA in particular in relation to outstanding safety issues which you withdrew from the table because we would not suspend our industrial action.

Poster: The Two-Faced Twins?

nick cleggboris johnson
Click '1 attachment' / file name to download a poster supporting both our campaign against job cuts and students' campaign against fees and cuts. The poster highlights Nick Clegg's pre-election pledge to vote against fee rises and Boris Johnson's pre-election pledge to oppose ticket office cuts and closures, and lists several ways in which people can support the campaigns.

Students and London Underground Workers: Statement of Mutual Solidarity

We the undersigned representatives of student campaigners and London Underground workers wish to publicly state our support for each others' current struggles against funding cuts, tuition fees and Tube staffing cuts.

We are fighting to defend two essential public services - education and transport - which we believe should be publicly-provided, fully funded and accessible to all. Both services face intense attack under a government hellbent on vicious public sector cuts.


Firstly I would like to congratulate all London Underground members for the solid strike action that recently took place on 29th and 30th November. Management are under no illusion of the strength of feeling over these dangerous and unnecessary cuts.

Over the course of the last week, the General Grades Committee has met twice to discuss the current dispute with London Underground over their dangerous plans for job cuts and the following decision was taken: -

More support for our strikes

Although much of the tube network is still inaccessible for many disabled people for those of us able to use it we rely very much on staff being available to help us do so. If your staffing levels are reduced further then disabled people will find it more difficult to go out and will once again become isolated in their homes.
We would therefore like to send our support to all the strikers. You are fighting for us as well.
In Solidarity,
Linda Burnip
Disabled People Against Cuts