London Underground Job Cuts Dispute 2010-11

Staff Our Stations - Strike Ballot Called

TUBE UNION RMT confirmed today that they are preparing for a ballot of members for strike action and action short of a strike after London Underground failed to withdraw the threat of axing 800 staff.

“RMT has made it clear that we will not sit idly by while the Mayor, his transport officials and Tube Line’s drive down tube staffing levels to dangerously low levels. We gave LU and Tube Lines an opportunity to pull back from these cuts but they have decided to plough on leaving us with no option but to organise ballots.”

All Grades to Defeat Stations Job Cuts

Will all grades come together to fight job cuts on stations? It should not be seen as ‘will drivers support the station staff?’ but ‘will we support each other’? That’s the true meaning of solidarity: our own interests are best protected when we stand together. In order to achieve this a 'General Strike' of all grades should be put to the membership across the combine under a single heading of ‘job losses (particularly in operational grades) equals an unsafe tube’.

'RMT Up Front': LU’s attack on station staffing levels is an attack on all grades

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London Underground has just announced their intention of slashing hundreds of station staff jobs. LU is looking to cut station numbers to the bare minimum at many locations.