London Underground Job Cuts Dispute 2010-11

London Underground's Savage Job Cuts U-turn

Following the removal of 800 station staff posts by the company last year, I write to advise you that London Underground is to recruit another 600 Customer Service Advisors (CSA’s), coming on top of the 300 employed earlier this year. The company has been forced into this massive u-turn, and has now increased the number of jobs by 100, after savage cuts within the last year.

Staffing Concerns And Trade Union Involvement - An Open Letter To LUL Managing Director Mike Brown

An open letter has been sent by RMT Stations and Revenue Council Safety Council Staff Side Secretary Ross Marshall to LU Managing Director Mike Brown.

The letter regards "The comments.... made in relation to several questions regarding staffing levels, the current review on stations, the fact that LU had presented the OSP plans as a fait accompli and other problems related to the OSP." Questions are also being asked about the review of staffing levels at a handful of stations, and why the RMT is not being involved with on this review.

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RMT Continues Campaign for Stations Jobs

RMT General Grades Committee decision:

We note the thorough discussions that took place at the meeting of our representatives on 24 May, and the reports from our Regional Organiser and Stations & Revenue Council representatives. We also note LU management’s response to the reviews dated 25 May. We instruct the General Secretary to write urgently to LU, summarising the issues raised by our representatives at ACAS as outlined in the file, informing the company that we find its response totally inadequate and insisting on a more detailed response.

LU Organisational Strategic Plan (OSP) Equality Review

Report to RMT stations representatives from Janine Booth


  • London Underground does not consider the needs of equalities groups when calculating its station staffing levels.
  • LU's methods for collecting information, categorising passenger journeys and assessing data are deeply flawed and fail to account for equality issues.
  • LU did not carry out an adequate Equality Impact Assessment before going ahead with the OSP, despite being obliged by law to do so. The revisions it has made to the EqIA since then are minor and wholly inadequate.

RMT Stations Reps to Discuss Job Cuts Reviews

RMT General Grades Committee decision:

That we note that London Underground has agreed to release all our stations representatives - industrial relations and health and safety - to attend a meeting to discuss the reviews of the Operational Strategic Plan (OSP: job cuts) on May 24, and that the meeting will take place at the Indian YMCA, Fitzroy Square from 10:00 until 17:00.

We instruct the General Secretary to ensure that:

  • all representatives are advised by post of this meeting and that they are expected to attend

London Calling Newsletter - April 2011

Click on the attachment below to download the April edition of London Calling.

In this edition:

STOP VICTIMISING OUR REPS - why drivers across the combine voted 'YES' to strike action for the reinstatement of Arwyn Thomas and Eamonn Lynch;

LU REWARDS STAFF WITH PAY CUT - 'Metro of the Year' rewards its staff with more work and a pay cut;

LU STALLS ON JOB CUT REVIEWS - how LU management are sticking two fingers up to the job cut review process.

Regional Organiser's April Report

RMT rejects London Underground pay offer

This year we put in a joint pay claim with Unite and Tssa (aslef were asked to join us but declined.) RMT, TSSA and Unite are meeting on Thursday 28th April to discuss our next joint positions (once again
Aslef were invited but declined.) RMT formally rejected London Underground's pay offer which was a five year deal. A 4 percent pay deal this year when inflation is 5.5 percent and inflation plus 0.25 percent for the next four years. We will be seeking more talks on pay and I will keep you informed of all progress made.

RMT Calls For Direct Talks After 24 Hours Of Tube Hell And Demands End To Job And Maintenance Cuts

Tube union RMT today called for direct talks between the Mayor, unions and passenger groups, and demanded an immediate halt to tube jobs and maintenance cuts, after what the union described as “24 hours of tube hell.”

On Tuesday night the Jubilee Line was plunged into chaos through a combination of a power shutdown and faulty rolling stock and operating systems leaving over 1700 passengers to be detrained and walked through sweltering tube tunnels with the assistance of station staff. By Wednesday morning, the Jubilee Line was still in total disarray.