London Underground Job Cuts Dispute 2010-11

More Support From Passengers

I support the strike. Somehow, the message has to get out to the public, but at the moment I'm afraid the right-leaning press, Metro included, is making it all out to be a money-grabbing exercise and people are buying it. Good luck. Eddie de Oliveira

Support for our campaign against staffing cuts

Hello RMT and tube workers

I fully support the retention of staffing at tube stations because of the following:-

1. Personal safety, CCTV cannot be a substitute for having a responsible person on site to help people especially lone female passengers.

2. Rail safety, supervisors have safety duties to do with points and other equipment, who will be on the ground to deal with this?

3. Ticketing, machines break, also they are difficult for some people to use i.e. those with learning disabilities, sight problems and people from different countries.

Message to strikers from Bob Crow

I would like to congratulate members on the magnificent support they have shown in today’s strike.

Despite all the propaganda put out by management hardly any trains are running and most of these are ‘ghost’ trains that cannot stop anywhere as the stations are closed.

ACAS Talks Update

RMT functional and safety council reps attended ACAS last week to take part in talks with London Underground management about the company's planned cuts to jobs.

Tube staff to strike again to defend safety and jobs

Suspend cuts and we will halt strikes, say RMT and TSSA

STRIKE ACTION by more than 11,000 members of RMT and TSSA, the two biggest unions on London Underground, will go ahead tomorrow evening after Tube bosses again failed to suspend their “dangerous and unnecessary” plan to axe 800 safety critical station staff.

Engineering staff will start their third 24-hour strike at 19.00 tomorrow (November 2), while operational staff will not book on for shifts scheduled to start from 21.00. A fourth 24-hour stoppage is scheduled for November 28 and 29.

ISS & ICSA Volunteers: Do The Right Thing - Don't Help London Underground Steal Our Jobs!

An appeal from RMT and TSSA to admin and other staff who have volunteered as 'Incident' CSAs/SSs: read the text below or click '2 attachments' / file names to download a leaflet and poster.

We are facing a massive attack on public transport in London.

The 800 operational job cuts at London Underground are just the tip of the iceberg - thousands more jobs are at risk across TfL.

And we all know that cutting jobs means cutting services and compromising on safety.

RMT welcomes MPs’ call to reverse Tube staff cuts

THE TUBE’S biggest union, RMT, today welcomed condemnation of the London Mayor’s plans to cut 2,000 Underground jobs, put down in parliament by London MPs.

A motion tabled by John McDonnell (Hayes and Harlington) and Jeremy Corbyn (Islington North), calls on the mayor to drop proposals that have already been denounced by the Greater London Assembly and have raised “severe concerns” from London TravelWatch.

November Bakerloo Branch newsletter

Click on the link to see a copy of the November edition of Bakerloo News.

Main story follows:

Next strike day - November 3rd! Together we will win!

The 2nd day of combine wide industrial action by RMT and TSSA members was a resounding success. Even the most begrudging naysayer would have to agree. By the morning peak on Monday 4th October even LU had to admit that the second day of strike action for jobs was having an even greater impact than the first.