London Underground Job Cuts Dispute 2010-11

Rally Against Job Cuts

Venue: Indian YMCA, 41 Fitzroy Square (nearest tube: Warren Street).


  • Pat Sikorski (RMT Assistant General Secretary)
  • Manuel Cortes (TSSA Assistant General Secretary)
  • Olly New (RMT Executive)
  • Steve Hedley (RMT Regional Organiser)
  • Pete Murray (President / BBC rep, National Union of Journalists)
  • Laurie Brightman, Regional Treasurer, Fire Brigades Union

Also invited:

'RMT London Calling' November 2010 - London Underground Job Cuts Special

The new issue of our 'RMT London Calling' newsletter invites you to our rally against job cuts on Thursday 25 November, and reminds you of the details of our next strike day on 28/29 November. There is also up-to-date news on our battle against job cuts, and our defence of RMT reps who face victimisation by the company.

Click '1 attachment' to download it.

Another message of support

I would like to register my support of your fight to protect your terms and conditions of employment at London undergound. The tube and the people work on it are one of the best things about London and I hope that continues into the future.

Regards, Ciaran Ryan Barons Court London

Tube Job Cuts Hit London Terror Targets

IN A NEW analysis of the London Underground station job cuts plans RMT has revealed that major terrorist targets are right in the front line of the proposed reductions in staffing numbers.

RMT General Secretary Bob Crow said: “At a time of heightened terrorist alert it is gross negligence on the part of LUL to be hacking back the numbers of station based staff at key targets like Canary Wharf, Parliament and the Bank of England."

Boris Johnson On The Safety Of Londoners During LFB Union Strike

In an interview on LBC Radio, Boris Johnson is asked "For the record, the mayor of London believes London will be adequately protected from fire by twenty-seven appliances crewed by part time staff, trained for on average two weeks." Boris didn't confirm the safety of the plans, dodging the question by answering 'The preparations were perfectly good.'

ACAS Talks Update

RMT reps have been back at ACAS over the last couple of days, following on from Wednesday's solid strike. ACAS continues to host a review of London Underground's job-cutting plans.

Now, health and safety reps are working on specific scenarios comparing how safety standards would be maintained comparing current staffing levels with the proposed, lower levels. Meanwhile, stations reps have compiled a report that shows that LU figures used to justify ticket office cuts are inaccurate and that therefore the numbers should be revised.

The review will continue on Tuesday.

Bakerloo tube workers resist the cuts

The support for the joint RMT and TSSA strike against the job cuts on November 3rd was immense.

The Bakerloo Branch would like to congratulate all members for their solidarity and determination to resist the attacks on our job from the tube bosses. Once again management were stretched in their attempts to run a service. During the whole of the day and even during the peak hours only a pathetic shuttle service ran between Elephant & Castle and Queens Park. The most remarkable point to note is that during the peak Bakerloo trains were only stopping at 5 stations - Elephant & Castle, Waterloo, Oxford Circus, Baker Street and Queens Park, this when we should be providing a service to 26 stations across the whole of the line.