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In the face of LU's recently-declared intention to implement MOBILE STATION SUPERVISION on ex-Silverlink stations, the planned closure of Whitechapel and potentially Vauxhall and Temple ticket offices, it's time to ramp up our organising efforts.

To this end, there are two important events next week:

1. Stations Recruitment Day. Thursday 25th July. District Line. Meet 1030, Whitechapel Station. With LU intending to close Whitechapel ticket office, it's vital to boost the membership and morale on District Line stations.

Fatigue - Station And Revenue Grades

This circular is from RMT General Secretary Bob Crow

The following resolution was adopted at the 2012 National Conference of Station and Associated Grades concerning fatigue. Subsequently, the General Grades Committee adopted the following report from the GGC Health & Safety Sub-committee:

“That we note the resolution from our National Conference of Station and Associated Grades 2012.

London Calling Newsletter April 2013

The latest edition of RMT London Calling Newsletter has been released. You can view or download it below.

In this edition:

  • Job cuts: Now LU tears up machinery of negotiation
  • Why has LU got to save money?
  • Olympic robbery
  • Still seeking justice for the 33
  • ISS wants Cleaners to Pay for New Contract with LU
  • RCIs Move Closer To Unprecedented Strike Ballot
  • LT Regional Secretary, John Reid, in Camden Council Election Campaign
  • LTRC Officers 2013

RCIS Move Closer To Unprecedented Strike Ballot

Industial relations within the Revenue dept sank to an all time low last week with an appalling attack on the RMT reps within the dept, by the centurian manager, in an email to all staff.

The email, full of gross untuths, misleading suggestions and anti union retoric, lays bare the depts full contempt for the RMT and the machinary.

Since last september, RMT reps have , via the level one process, agreed in good faith, arrangements to enhance work life balance and other issues, only to then see the arrangements made, regulary ignored by DRCMs and Centurian managers.

Revenue & Station Grades Meeting 28th Of March 2013


As many know, London Underground is in the process of engineering another jobs attack. The RMT is taking a proactive stance in preparations for the changes, and part of this is to renew solidarity amongst all grades. Now more than ever it is vital that we reinvigorate our members and show an energised union presence in the workplace.

A major opportunity to do this is at our monthly Station Staff Recruitment and Retention day. I write you to request that you would send some representatives from your group and branch to our next Station Staff Recruitment and Retention day.

Job Cuts: What's Happening Where You Work?

This is the first part of a two part article taken from our newsletter on fighting job cuts. You can download it from here or request copies here

LUL management’s actions are creating problems for staff in all functions. RMT will be producing a series of leaflets giving detail, information and advice for members in each area. Here is a summary:

Station staff have been hammered since OSP slashed staffing level. Even if some posts are restored, management’s plan is to stretch us further and work us even harder.
To prepare for this, management are leaving duties uncovered, vacancies unfilled and station unstaffed, and repeatedly try to get staff to work outside the rules.

Some Improvement In Industrial Relations At Revenue Control

We note the report from our Regional Organiser attaching responses from our representatives. We welcome the news that the situation is improving and issues are being addressed, but having discussed the matter with our representatives, we are disappointed that some problems continue.

We instruct the General Secretary to continue to monitor the situation, to seek regular reports from our representatives, and to ensure that our revenue control members are kept informed.

London Transport Regional Council, branches and Revenue Control representatives to be advised.

RMT Concerned 'Wave & Pay' Being Used To Cut Jobs

We note the resolution from our London Transport Regional Council, and share its concern that ‘Wave And Pay’ forms part of London Underground Ltd’s plan to remove ticket office and other station staff.

In line with the resolution, we instruct the General Secretary to:

  1. contact the Greater London Assembly to find out TfL’s response to the Assembly’s questions, especially where they relate to ticket office staffing
  2. work with supportive GLA and TfL Board members to maintain ticket office staff on stations

Revenue Control Members Consider Ballot

Revenue control members across London underground are looking at what action to take in response to several issues now impacting the deparment. They include:

  • Christmas Leave being cancelled, even though already agreed
  • Duty mangers trying their hardest not to grant requests for odd days leave
  • Flexible working and mutual swaps being ripped up
  • Staff being coerced to break the framework to take part in special exercises
  • Morale at an all-time low