Dispute Materials: Reinstate Clara

Clara Osagiede, RMT cleaners’ secretary on London Underground, has been dismissed from her job for the crime of fighting for workplace justice for London’s transport cleaners.

Bosses at Interserve – a private contractor that LU use for cleaning – concocted a series of spurious charges in order to get rid of an activist who is a thorn in their side.

Interserve is a company with an appalling record on industrial relations across all their contracts in the railway industry which exploits their low-paid workers for as much profit as they can.

RMT is in no doubt that Clara has been sacked because she has proven herself to be an excellent union official, improving organisation, winning better conditions and defending members facing disciplinary charges. Her bravery and determination to secure a fair deal for some of the lowest paid workers on London’s transport system has been an inspiration.

Clara was a prominent student activist in Nigeria and since coming to Britain has thrown herself into campaigning for her fellow workers. In 2007 she was high-profile leader of the fight for a living wage for
tube cleaners. In recognition of her outstanding work she was awarded the “Migrant Woman of the Year” title in 2012.

Now Clara Osagiede needs our help. The attempt to silence her is a shameful act in a City that prides it
itself on equality of opportunity and its multi-cultural society.

Those at City Hall, all the way up to the Mayor Boris Johnson, cannot ignore this blatant victimisation of a
leading black activist. RMT demands that Clara is reinstated by Interserve. Clara’s dismissal is only the most blatant example of a wider problem at the company involving the mistreatment of staff and abuse of power by supervisors and management, non-payment of wages, and attacks on trade union reps and activists.

Please support this important, London-wide campaign, sign the petition calling for Clara’s reinstatement, and help send out a signal that those who stand up for the people doing some of the dirtiest jobs, on the lowest wages, cannot be picked off by greedy operations like Interserve.


  • Petition sheets can be downloaded here. we will add an online petition soon.

Dismissal of Clara Osagiede, RMT Representative, by Interserve Support Services London Underground Contract:

We the undersigned are extremely concerned to learn of the above trade unionist’s dismissal and demand of Interserve (LUL) and call upon TfL for her immediate reinstatement. Clara was dismissed on account of her effective trade union duties and activities and not the trumped up charges that Interserve would have people believe.

We therefore demand that natural justice prevails and that Clara is given her job back.