ABM cleaner members balloted for industrial action


Further to my previous Circular (IR/330/23, 26th October 2023), the Union has been demanding that ABM stops the imposition of Project Lean until proper discussions over the process and its impact on members have concluded but the Company refused to do so and pushed ahead with its plans. Throughout the process, ABM has also ignored the recently agreed Collective Bargaining Agreement reached with the Union. The National Executive Committee took the decision to start a ballot of affected members and ballot papers were posted to members on Tuesday 19th December.

RMT always remains available for talks with the Company to resolve the dispute. ABM should now agree to a complete review of Project LEAN, especially where members have been given more stations. This review should include input from your RMT Reps and result in an agreement stating how many stations someone can cover and where they can be sent.

The closing date for the ballot is Tuesday 30th January 2024 and I will keep Branches advised of all further developments.