Defend Victimised Cleaners

Campaigning to defend our cleaners and their union reps against the wave of victimisations that followed their successful strike action for a living wage in 2008.

London Labour politicians call for public ownership of London Transport cleaning services

  • As Omicron crisis grips the capital London Labour politicians call for public ownership of London Transport cleaning services.

Senior London Labour politicians have today made the case for the full public ownership and control of London Transport cleaning services on grounds of safety and efficiency.

Special cleaners members meeting- June 10 BlueEyed Maid 1500


ISS/Interserve/AGS contracts

Special grades meeting on Wednesday June 10th

Blue Eyed Maid at 1500

Borough High St

London SE1

nearest station London Bridge/Borough

All members welcome, we want to hear your views and have your feedback on the disputes we have currently on LUL contracts.
The Council of Executive member and the Regional Organiser will be there to hear your views.

ISS Renege On Biometric Assurances

London Underground cleaning contractor ISS are trying to renege on the commitments they made at acas last year regarding the use of biometric bookin on systems. Although the RMT never agreed the use of biometric booking on, Iss gave the RMT assurances as they pushed ahead with it's implementation regardless of the opposition from their workers . We are demanding the company stick to their assurances on this matter . The RMT is prepared to enter a dispute if necesary - the union will also go to ACAS to resolve this issue.

ISS Renege On Biometric Use

Dispute Materials: Reinstate Clara

Clara Osagiede, RMT cleaners’ secretary on London Underground, has been dismissed from her job for the crime of fighting for workplace justice for London’s transport cleaners.

Bosses at Interserve – a private contractor that LU use for cleaning – concocted a series of spurious charges in order to get rid of an activist who is a thorn in their side.

Interserve is a company with an appalling record on industrial relations across all their contracts in the railway industry which exploits their low-paid workers for as much profit as they can.

RMT Launch Fightback Against Interserve As Reps Sacked, Staff Mistreated, And Pay Inadequate


Further to my previous Circular (IR/303/14, 17th November 2014), members will recall that we advised the Company that a dispute situation existed over the mistreatment of staff and abuse of power by supervisors and management, non-payment of wages, and attacks on trade union reps and activists. The RMT Reps then commenced the task of checking and updating member’s details as necessary for a ballot for industrial action.

Reinstate our reps

Our cleaning reps are being targeted by ruthless cleaning contractors who are given contracts by LUL, part of those contracts would appear to include a clause to systematically route out troublesome RMT reps.

We have a cleaner rep at Hainult depot suspended on entirely spurious grounds.
He has been on full pay at home for months.
Who picks up that tab?
Get him back to work.
Put up or shut up.
If it takes so long to fabricate a case against our member it's likely there is nothing to it.
Even unscrupulous anti trade union managers must accept that.

RMT Appalled At Fingerprinting Plan For Cleaners

We note the report of the well-attended meeting of our London Underground / Tube Lines ISS representatives on 20 February 2013.

The meeting identified several attacks on working conditions in addition to pay issues:

  • ‘Bradford Factor’ attendance rules
  • new rostering, extending the unpaid break in the middle of the shift from 30 minutes to 45, 60 or even 75 minutes
  • biometric booking on, including for agency staff

ISS And Initial Cleaner Members To Strike Over New Years

ISS Industrial Action

In accordance with the request of our representatives, we instruct all members on this contract to take strike action by not booking on for any duties starting at or after 05:30 on Monday 31 December 2012 and to return to duties starting at or after 05:30 on Wednesday 2 January 2013.

We instruct the General Secretary to:
• send a personal letter by post to all members involved, explaining this action.
• email our London Underground members, urging their support for this action.

Video: RMT Cleaner's Strike Rally

The RMT held a rally prior to the industrial action held be cleaners working for ISS and Initial on London Underground and Carlisle on the Docklands Light Railway.

RMT General Secretary Bob Crow, Assisant GS Steve Hedley and London Transport Exective Council member Janine Booth spoke at the event along with Richard Crane an RMT cleaner member and members of other unions and political groups.

Richard talked about the struggles faced by cleaners in making ends meet as low pay meant paying bills and looking after family was almost impossible, with many other cleaners he knew working second and even third jobs to make end meets.

London Cleaners To Demonstrate Tomorrow

London Cleaners Demo Outside TFL Windsor House SW1 0TL Friday 30 November 2012 at 12,00 Noon.

London based RMT cleaner and security members will demonstrate outside TFL HQ, Windsor House, 40-52 Victoria Street London SW1H 0TL at 12.00 noon this coming Friday, 30 November, as the union steps up the national campaign for pay justice.