The disgraceful treatment of employees continues unabated.

The disgraceful treatment of employees continues unabated.

Our cleaners all over the combine are having to contend with bullying and intimidating managers who routinely abuse agreed policies and procedures including;

• Grievances unheard
• pay illegally deducted
• pay slips not provided
• victimisation
• race discrimination
• targeting of RMT trade union reps for their trade union activities.
• Cleaners being hounded bullied and intimidated by managers, ending up taking sick leave unable to attend work due to stress. With only SSP to tide them over. No sick pay for our cleaners.

Police and cleaners in the depot

Police were called to remove an RMT cleaner rep that refused to enter into a meeting with a manager whilst an outstanding grievance was investigated.
Police involved in a minor workplace difference of opinions? Really?
Police budgets being stretched to the limit – call outs for violent burglaries and vandalism left unanswered, but the Mets finest despatched under blues and twos to cart out an employee of Interserve from his place of work for not attending a meeting with a bullying manager.
An absolute disgrace and one the public audit committee may well be interested in looking into.
Wasting Police time is still a crime and can end up with an appearance in front of the beak. Whoever made that call to plod should be named, shamed and sent down the road to the local magistrates.

All workers under attack

All these breaches of statutory rights are being conducted under the umbrella of TfL contracts, outsourced to companies with dodgy records on treating employees with respect and dignity.
You would think that given the overwhelming evidence, TfL would make the rather easy conclusion to take all these contracts back in house and improve the lives, dignity and well-being of employees under their care wouldn’t you?
However TfLs own record on treatment of employees’ falls well short of what ordinary workers should expect and demand from their employers.
Tfl and their underlings at LUL also stand accused of flagrantly abusing their own policies and procedures.
• Destroying CCTV prior to disciplinary hearings
• Refusing to accept CCTV evidence into disciplinary hearings, preferring to accept managers’ view of what was seen on the CCTV, reps not being allowed to see that same CCTV evidence.
• Sacking staff who are fully fit for work – because they went sick over a year ago and therefore may do so again.
• Failing to adhere to their own Drugs and Alcohol procedure – a known medical condition that would give a false positive breath test requires a secondary urine sample to be tested.

Organise! Agitate! Strike!

Natural justice and workplace justice demand that all the evidence is fairly considered. Full disclosure is a legal requirement. How LUL can even consider this equates to a fair and unbiased procedure is frankly a disgrace from one of London’s biggest employers.
Disregarding CCTV evidence, failing to test properly urine samples, then destroying the sample before the employee could have it tested. Sacking fully fit staff and many other abuses of policies and procedures are part of the employers’ weaponry to undermine and keep the workers in fear of keeping their jobs rather than the workers confidently seeking improvements to terms and conditions.
The only way workers can resist these concerted attacks are to respond in a similar belligerent fashion. This is an attack on all workers. All workers under the TfL corporate umbrella should look to organise, agitate and strike. It may be a well-worn and well used phrase but our unity is our strength.

Solidarity wins