Company Sick Pay and informal sickness reviews

London Underground has transformed its PMA team and parted company with many of them.

As a result they now don't have enough PMAs to cover all the case conferences that they like to force members to attend when they are off sick.

To get around this managers have taken to "inviting" members to attend "sickness reviews". To be clear a case conference must include a PMA to be a case conference. If a member is invited to any other kind of meeting when off sick they are not obliged to attend and we have minutes from company council that state explicitly that company sick pay should not be stopped as a result of non attendance at such meetings.

Members should attend case conferences as before and should ensure they are complying with the AAW requirements to provide certificates and to maintain contact. So long as this is done then attendance at review meetings is not mandatory and no manager should be threatening to withdraw company sick pay where a member chooses not to attend.

You can view my correspondence with LU, which includes the relevant minute from company council by clicking the link.