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Bakerloo Branch News December 2020

Bakerloo News is the newsletter for workers on the Bakerloo Line.

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In this edition:

  • Gains made in Sodexo fight
  • Jobs saved at Elephant staff canteen
  • TfL bailout agreed, but cuts still threatened
  •  SRT update
  •  RMT Bakerloo reps attend US trade union convention
  •  South London Mouse

Jubilee South News December 2020

Jubilee South News is the newsletter for workers on stations from Stratford to Westminster, North Greenwich and Stratford train crew accommodations, ABM cleaners and Sodexo Caterers at those locations and signallers working in SMD. It is produced by RMT activists.

In this edition:

  • Who Should Be RMT General Secretary?

  • Attend the next branch meeting and have your say

  • Who represents you?

  • Sodexo ditches compulsory redundancy plan following RMT ballot threat

Sodexo ditches compulsory redundancy plan following RMT ballot threat


Further to my previous Circular (IR/441/20, 3rd November 2020), I advised Sodexo that a dispute situation existed over its restructuring plans including 30 job cuts across TfL sites. The Lead Officer then met with the Company and it has now been confirmed that Sodexo no longer intends to make any compulsory redundancies.

Video: fighting Sodexo job cuts

RMT activist Dan Randell talks about the job cuts on Sodexo's TfL contract which could have seen 30 people made redundant. 

However, the RMT organised a fightback which saw a deal reached that there would be no compulsory redundancies, but instead a job with Sodexo for all those who wanted to stay.

Sodexo workers are encouraged to join the RMT. The more people who are with us, the stronger we will all be.


Sodexo Newsletter

  • Please read the attached newsletter to get the latest updates in the RMT fight against Sodexo job cuts.


RMT negotiates a no compulsory redundancy agreement with Sodexo

The RMT has reached an agreement with Sodexo that nobody on London Underground will be made redundant if they wish to keep a job with the company.

Tube union RMT to ballot Sodexo canteen workers

LONDON UNDERGROUND UNION RMT is to ballot canteen workers in LU depots for industrial action after private contractor Sodexo announced it intends to plough ahead with a plan to slash 30 jobs, nearly a third of the workforce.

The move will put an end to over 100 years of on site home-style cooked canteen food for transport workers which will be replaced with reheated frozen microwave meals.

The proposals are part of a restructuring plan by Sodexo and will see workers who have notched up to 20 years’ service being placed on the scrapheap.

Bakerloo News October 2020: outsourced workers fight back

Bakerloo News is the newsletter for workers on the Bakerloo Line from bakerloo branch activists.

In this edition:

  • ABM cuts cleaners’ sick pay, risking virus spread
  • Sodexo threatens to cut canteen job cuts
  • Outsourced workers: fight back!
  • No Zoono? No Service!
  •  SRT update
  •  Disciplined for challenging racism? 
  • Black and ethnic minority members mee
  •  Centre Group update

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Sodexo plans to cut up to 30 jobs on the Tube

  • Please download and distribute the attached poster in your Sodexo canteen.

Sodexo has formally notified RMT of their intention to cut up to 30 posts from the TfL catering contract. RMT reps met with Sodexo management on 25 September and stated our union's total opposition to any job cuts whatsoever. Sodexo  catering workers should not bear the brunt of the economic crisis, or pay for it with their jobs.

RMT will oppose all Sodexo job cuts

strike flag


Further to my previous Circular (IR/339/20, 27th August 2020) and despite our protests, Sodexo now intends to proceed with its reorganisation including 30 redundancies and has commenced consultation with those at risk. The Lead Officer will also be meeting with the Company to discuss this matter.