Vulnerable Workers

<img src="" width="100%">Vulnerable workers are, according to the Trades Union Congress, people working in an environment where the risk of being denied employment rights is high, and who do not have the capacity or means to protect themselves from abuse.

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* Dignity & respect 

*cleaners bought back in house

*£10 per hour

*Travel passes

pay on time, in full, no excuses

* direct employment : no agencies

Low paid workers in London are the most vulnerable to the exploitation of contracting out.

The RMT demand a Labour Mayor brings a halt to the profiteering and abuse of London's workers by private contractors on London Underground.

The scandal of self-employed cleaners on London Underground


AGS people and LUL are complicit in a tax evasion scam whereby they use the self-employed status of workers to avoid paying employers National Insurance liabilities to HMRC, SSP and holiday pay to the workers and destroy pretty much every right a worker in the UK enjoys.
Workers, even agency workers, have certain rights and protections. A self-employed cleaner has none. I would be interested to see the actual contract between the self-employed and LUL or its sub-contractor, if one even exists.

RMT Cleaners deserve respect, justice and our support

Interserve, the latest outsourced contract cleaning company LUL have tasked with humiliating and treating our cleaners as an underclass of London’s workers.

Previous incumbents of the multi million pound contracts on offer from TfL/LUL/Mayor’s office have failed to pay minimum wage, London Living wage, sick pay, travel allowance to our cleaners.

Interserve are perhaps the worst of the worst.
Non-payment of wages, late payment of wages, no pay slips, statutory sick pay withheld are the headlines in this appalling companies treatment of our comrades and colleagues.

The disgraceful treatment of employees continues unabated.

The disgraceful treatment of employees continues unabated.

Our cleaners all over the combine are having to contend with bullying and intimidating managers who routinely abuse agreed policies and procedures including;

• Grievances unheard
• pay illegally deducted
• pay slips not provided
• victimisation
• race discrimination
• targeting of RMT trade union reps for their trade union activities.

Drop in session to discuss Workplace Harassment and Bullying

LU Engineering branch have organised a drop in session to discuss workplace harassment and bullying.
All RMT members are welcome, please circulate flyer to friends you feel would benefit from the session, but do not display on workplace noticeboards, for fear of management repercussions.

The event will be held upstairs at the Exmouth Arms, Starcross Street, London NW1 (near Euston station)

The event will run on Wednesday April 17th, from 12pm til 6pm, please drop in any time you can.

LBC 97.3FM to highlight the justice for the 33 camapign

Tomorrow morning at 0650 the LBC breakfast show on 97.3 FM will be highlighting our campaign for the injustice suffered by 33 RMT agency workers sacked by LUL on 19 December 2012.

AGS Steve Hedley will be putting our case for us.
Please try and listen in and get involved in the debate.
Phone: 0845 60 60 973
Text: 84850
Twitter: @lbc973

Sack the agency not the workers
Justice for the 33