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Petition to Reinstate Ezra Christian

Petition to Reinstate Ezra

Whilst we are working tirelessly to maintain good industrial relations at this difficult time our colleague remains dismissed, this is not good for him nor our critical workers who need every bit of support getting to where they need to by qualified and hardworking people like Ezra.



* Dignity & respect 

*cleaners bought back in house

*£10 per hour

*Travel passes

pay on time, in full, no excuses

* direct employment : no agencies

Low paid workers in London are the most vulnerable to the exploitation of contracting out.

The RMT demand a Labour Mayor brings a halt to the profiteering and abuse of London's workers by private contractors on London Underground.


A copy of a new contract that Interserve intend to introduce for staff on its LUL contract has recently been received and an initial consultation process has commenced. To date, one meeting has taken place with the Company and the Lead Officer has already had cause to write to Interserve to insist that there is no implementation until the consultation process has concluded. The Union will continue to monitor this situation.
The RMT are to hold a demo to bring the wider issues of cleaners on LUL straight to the Mayors. doorstep

June 23 0900 City Hall

RMT members from LUL &FGW to demo at start of strike action. July 8 1830 Paddington Stn

RMT members from both LUL and FGW will be holding a rally at Paddington Station at the start of their respective strikes.
LUL have set out their stall to impose change on the workers and have been given the clearest response from the RMT.
92% of members voted for taking industrial action.

Equally impressive has been the response from our comrades on FGW who in a dispute over similar issues have voted overwhelmingly in favour of strikes.

RMT Brian Munro Commemorative Soirée

Bar & buffet to commemorate the life of our former council of executive representative & Bakerloo branch secretary; RMT activist; dear friend and comrade Brian Munro.

Guest speakers including RMT President Peter Pinkney

Upstairs @ the Royal Exchange Pub, 26 Sale Place, London, W2 1PU
Nearest tube: Edgware Rd or Paddington

A poster is attached for distributing.

Piccadilly Reps Report July 2015

Well I am pleased to say that my area is fantastically strong. We REPs have recruited every single new person to the Piccadilly Circus group. Fixed term as well. 12 members in the last month.

Amazing, it's really easy for you to use your iPad to recruit. Giving someone a paper membership application is so last year. I do it on my personal iPad. Takes 5 minutes.

Special Bakerloo Branch Meeting 17/6/15

At the Royal Exchange, 26 Sale Place, Lancaster Gate, London, W2 1PU

An extra meeting to discuss organising to maximise turn out on the up coming ballot. It's important we get as large a YES vote returned as possible to send a clear message to LU.

With LU digging their heels in during negotiations on pay and night tube, not meaningfully responding our claims and pressing recklessly ahead with massive job cuts on our stations, it may be necessary for all underground workers to take industrial action.