Talks Resume on Stations Job Cuts

From Bob Crow, RMT General Secretary:

Management, ourselves and TSSA have agreed to the resumption of talks in this dispute with detailed reviews now to take place which had previously been proposed at talks at ACAS in the run up to the last 24 hour strike. These proposals had been withdrawn once we had decided to press on with the last strike day. The reviews are listed below together with the number of representatives allocated to each.

1. Supplementary Safety Review

This will take place in addition to the existing safety validation process, and will be prioritised to focus on those stations where significant changes to rosters are proposed. Two Stations Functional and Two Stations Safety Council representatives will participate, and adequate release will be granted to allow meaningful consultation.

2. Impact on Staff

Items raised in the 40 collective grievances in relation to the impact on staff will be reviewed. Local and Functional Representatives will be able to raise issues arising from the grievances on a line by line basis. Two Stations Functional representatives will be allocated to review the impact on staff.

3. Equality Impact

A Functional Level review will take place to consider and address the Equality Impact Assessment for stations roster changes. One Station Representative and one member of Head Office Staff to be allocated to review its impact.

4. Ticket Selling Service

Management propose that a review takes place of those locations where RMT and TSSA believe that the resulting proposals for Ticket Office service are inadequate. Two Functional Representatives will be allocated to review ticket selling.

A fifth review headed “Longer Term Role of Station Staff” will be initiated as soon as the above four reviews have been concluded.

These reviews will continue as soon as possible and I will of course keep you informed of all developments.