Defending activists

The RMT always defends members, activists and reps from management attacks. We won't let the bosses make hostages of members during disputes, or to unfairly attack us at any time.

Defend Glen Hart ballot ongoing


Further to my previous Circular (IR/011/16, 14th January 2016), members will be aware of the dispute situation that exists with London Underground over the continued suspension and threat of disciplinary action, up to and including dismissal, against RMT Activist Glen Hart.

The ballot papers were posted out to all London Underground members on Thursday 21st January and the closing date for this ballot is Thursday 4th February 2016. I will keep you advised of all further developments.

Tube workers to be balloted in defense of Glen hart


Further to my previous Circular (IR/261, 29th October 2015), the National Executive Committee has considered a report from the Lead Officer and also noted from the LTRC that there is strong support for Glen from our members across all London Underground grades and taken the decision to conduct a ballot for strike action and action short of a strike.


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RMT member, activist and LU Station Supervisor Glen Hart is being subjected to some of the worse bullying and harassment by London Underground Management ever seen!

Glen 20 years without blemish on LU has been suspended from work with his job threatened for the last 15 months; with Management inventing one story after another to find a way to do him in

Defend Glen Hart - demo at Clapham Common Station 9/12/15 at 0800


Defend Glen Hart


Stop the victimisation of RMT rep/activist Glen Hart by London Underground

The RMT are demonstrating against the unfair victimisation of Glen Hart who has been targeted solely because he is a RMT activist and he loses a station during last years OT ban because he had no relief.

LUL have since tried to discipline Glen with unfounded and untrue allegations.

LUL found no charge at the first CDI - immediately they produced another set of equally flimsy charges.

This time Glen is accused of being " horrible" to a manager

Defend Glen Hart

Demo at Clapham Common station to kick off the camapign to stop London Underground targeting Glen because of his Trade Union activities.

Meet outside Clapham Common Station at 0800 on Wednesday December 9

London Underground bosses could face a London-wide Tube strike by RMT union members if they proceed with disciplinary action against union activist Glen Hart.

Bosses tried to sack Glen last year during strikes over cuts to stations.

Jubilee South News November 2015

This is the latest edition of Jubilee South News.

In this edtion:

  • Jubilee South Branch ready to defend unfairly treated disabled member
  • 4 day 36 hour week trial – the ayes have it!
  • RMT preparing ground for ballot to defend brother Hart
  • AGM branch meeting details


RMT making preparations for ballot to defend brother Hart


Following a resolution submitted earlier this year by Morden & Oval Branch regarding possible disciplinary action against Brother Hart, the Lead Officer has been keeping the case under review and the General Grades Committee took the decision to prepare for a ballot for strike action if Glen Hart receives a disciplinary warning for carrying out trade union activities.

Glen Hart - targeted by London Underground for Trade Union activities

They have already had one crack at him - and now they are back for another.

Glen Hart was following RMT instructions not to work over time during the FFFS dispute.

They tried to sack him for closing his station because there was no relief.

With no evidence they could not find against him.

They are now perusing more trumped up charges against Glen 

This time they centre on being rude to a manager - no witnesses and no evidence.

Please publicise Glens case around your workplace.

The RMT have vowed to defend Glen with everything we have