Defending activists

The RMT always defends members, activists and reps from management attacks. We won't let the bosses make hostages of members during disputes, or to unfairly attack us at any time.

Stop the victimisation of RMT young members activist Jayesh Patel!

The Bakerloo Branch agreed the following resolution for the attention of the RMT's General Grades Committee.

“This branch notes the appalling treatment of our young member and activist Brother Jayesh Patel at the hands of LU. Bro Patel was acting in the interests of safety when he requested ‘assisted despatch’ at two overcrowded stations on 1st of February 2013. This branch is amazed that as a result of carrying out these actions he was told to detrain and run out of service. Worse still he was instructed to attend a location away from his home depot to participate in a fact finding. Unfortunately the fact finding interview turned into a Gestapo interrogation where our member was denied the right to ask questions, denied the right to have physical break and denied to go home after his booking off time. Worse, this branch notes that since this time LU have added insult to injury and have stood down him down from that date.

Used. Abused. Refused. Now re-abused

Used refused and abused,
Now re-abused.

It is disingenuous of London Underground to suggest that the assessments our 33 members were expected to take part in were fair and above board.
The feeling amongst the 33 RMT members is that they were never going to be given a fair crack of the whip on these assessments. What they saw with their own eyes certainly never gave them any confidence they were being treated fairly.

Brother Petrit Case Progresses

We note the report from our Regional Organiser, and further verbal reports indicating possible progress towards resolving the complaint against our representative. We instruct the General Secretary to place a report in front of us as to progress within seven days.

We further instruct the General Secretary to ensure as a matter of urgency that our instructions in our previous decision on this matter on 17 July are carried out.

RMT Will Do All In Its Power To Defend Canteen Rep Petrit Mihaj Following His Success At An Employment Tribunal

We welcome the success of our representative Petrit Mihaj in winning the return of his deducted sick pay at Employment Tribunal. This vindicates our decision to pursue this case. We further note that Brother Mihaj and his representative are making constructive efforts to arrange his return to work.

However, following more than six months of suspension, Sodexho has now charged Petrit with misconduct, despite there having been no complaint made against him.

Why strike to demand LU reinstate Arwyn Thomas before the Employment Tribunal decision is published?

RMT's ballot mandate to hold strikes expires after 20 June, so the law forces us to take action before then. But we are also striking the following week, rather than waiting for the decision of Arwyn's Tribunal. Why?

Although the Tribunal hearings have concluded, we do not know how long we will have to wait for it to publish its decision. The earliest is 27 June; it could be as late as September. Neither Arwyn, nor his union workmates, should have to wait this long for justice.

New issue of RMT up front - Eamonn Lynch secures crushing victory at employment tribunal

Click on the attachment to see the lastest edition of RMT up front, the newsletter for LU train operators. It gives a full report on the recent tribunal ruling on Eamonn Lynch's unlawful sacking.

Main story follows:

Eamonn Lynch secures crushing victory at employment tribunal

An employment tribunal has unequivocally found that Eamonn Lynch, RMT Health and Safety Representative for the Bakerloo Line, was dismissed because he was a member of a health and safety committee and because of his trade union activities.
Three times now the legal system - usually biased towards employers - has
ruled on the side of Tube workers, giving a massive boost to the union's
campaign for reinstatement of both Eamonn and Northern Line driver Arwyn

Eamonn Lynch: Employment Tribunal Decision in Full

Click '1 attachment' / file name to read the full decision by the Employment Tribunal, which upheld Eamonn's complaint of unfair dismissal on the grounds of trade union activities.

As outlined by our solicitors, the key aspects of the judgment are:

(1) The Tribunal unanimously found that Eamonn had been unfairly dismissed and more importantly, automatically unfairly dismissed on grounds of his health and safety and trade union duties and activities.

MPs Back Our Fight for Reinstatement of Reps

“I am appalled that London Underground are refusing to reinstate Arwyn Thomas and Eamonn Lynch, when the Employment Tribunal has already ruled that their dismissal was discriminatory because of their trade union activities. It is vital that we stand up for our local trade union reps who are in the frontline of protecting workers interests and I fully support the RMT’s political and industrial campaign for justice for Arwyn and Eamonn.”
Jeremy Corbyn MP, Islington North