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RMT member, activist and LU Station Supervisor Glen Hart is being subjected to some of the worse bullying and harassment by London Underground Management ever seen!

Glen 20 years without blemish on LU has been suspended from work with his job threatened for the last 15 months; with Management inventing one story after another to find a way to do him in

First they accused him of wrongly closing his station without justification during the Station Staff Cuts Dispute last year; even though it was unstaffed at the time and he followed all the correct LU Procedures……

And now they are accusing him of “threatening a Manager” which is a desperate lie to have another run at Glen because they failed to get him on the previous charge

LU want rid of Glen because he is an effective RMT Activist who stands up for the union and was actually prepared to follow RMT ballot instructions to close his station due to it being unstaffed during the dispute

That didn’t work so now they’re putting Glen Hart on yet another Gross Misconduct Disciplinary to SACK HIM!

We cannot allow LU to take out and sack our good and courageous members, if we allow this RMT will be weakened and Management will walk all over us!