Defend Glen Hart - demo at Clapham Common Station 9/12/15 at 0800


Defend Glen Hart


Stop the victimisation of RMT rep/activist Glen Hart by London Underground

The RMT are demonstrating against the unfair victimisation of Glen Hart who has been targeted solely because he is a RMT activist and he loses a station during last years OT ban because he had no relief.

LUL have since tried to discipline Glen with unfounded and untrue allegations.

LUL found no charge at the first CDI - immediately they produced another set of equally flimsy charges.

This time Glen is accused of being " horrible" to a manager

No witnesses, no evidence and no truth in these whatsoever.

 The RMT need members to support Glen fully

The demo is the first step and we will escalate action if justice is not seen to be done.

Drop the charges and get Glen back to work

Demo is at Clapham Common Station on December 9 from 0800 - 1130

Defend Glen Hart - Solidarity wins