Reinstate our reps

Our cleaning reps are being targeted by ruthless cleaning contractors who are given contracts by LUL, part of those contracts would appear to include a clause to systematically route out troublesome RMT reps.

We have a cleaner rep at Hainult depot suspended on entirely spurious grounds.
He has been on full pay at home for months.
Who picks up that tab?
Get him back to work.
Put up or shut up.
If it takes so long to fabricate a case against our member it's likely there is nothing to it.
Even unscrupulous anti trade union managers must accept that.

Unless they work for Sodexo obviously.

Now they have taken a step too far.

Our cleaning grades secretary Clara has been summarily dismissed from the employ of interserve on the grounds she has over the years represented, defended, supported and worked tirelessly on behalf of workers.

A crime against nature? No, A crime against a company that routinely abuses workers, uses lax UK tax laws to allow, encourages and bully workers to take work as a limited liability company.
This tax evasion practice means those workers lose out on holiday pay, statutory sick pay, employment rights and basic workers protection.

Disguised employees: we have exposed those contractors. We are coming after you.

Indeed the HMRC should use some of their resources to tackle abuse of UK tax payers money.
3000 benefit cheat investigators. 35 high level tax evader investigators.
All in this together?

Yeah right.

We can stand back and hold our heads and say how awful these things are.
Or we can fight back against these horrible employers.

They only appear great because we are on our knees.
Rise up

Solidarity Wins