Video: RMT Cleaner's Strike Rally

The RMT held a rally prior to the industrial action held be cleaners working for ISS and Initial on London Underground and Carlisle on the Docklands Light Railway.

RMT General Secretary Bob Crow, Assisant GS Steve Hedley and London Transport Exective Council member Janine Booth spoke at the event along with Richard Crane an RMT cleaner member and members of other unions and political groups.

Richard talked about the struggles faced by cleaners in making ends meet as low pay meant paying bills and looking after family was almost impossible, with many other cleaners he knew working second and even third jobs to make end meets.

RMT General Secretary explained that we need to build co-ordinated action amongst low paid workers saying “This campaign will involve industrial, political and public campaigning that will drag the exploitation of cleaners out of the shadows and into the spotlight.”

In the video our EC member Janine Booth explains that if only one contract takes industrial action, then the bosses just move workers across from other contracts, whereas if we get all low paid workers out together it is much harder for people to do this.

Photo of Richard by @TheRubyKid and video by