Defend Victimised Cleaners

Campaigning to defend our cleaners and their union reps against the wave of victimisations that followed their successful strike action for a living wage in 2008.

Protest ISS Union-busting and Attacks on Migrant Workers

Regional Organiser Steve Hedley writes ...

"RMT is holding a protest outside Initial Rentokil offices (Brunswick place, Old Street N1 exit 1 at Old St Station) next Saturday 25th September at 2pm to tell the company in no uncertain terms that we will not allow union busting.

Initial are having people arrested for immigration issues if they complain about not being paid properly or merely becoming active in the RMT. We need your support please attend and show your solidarity with our cleaner members."

Demonstration in Support of Alberto Durango and the Cleaners

A demonstration is to take place at the offices of UBS at 100, Liverpool Street, EC2, to protest against the actions of Lancaster (Rentokil).

Alberto Durango was sacked from Lancaster on 4th February 2010 for organising the workers and standing up for their rights. Alberto is a good friend of London RMT Bus Workers and they are asked to attend and give their support to him and the cleaners.

The cleaners are being pressured to agree to a cut in working hours with subsequent loss of pay while still being expected to do the same amount of work.

Cleaners: Progress with Regional Council's request for renewed campaign

Following the resolution passed by our Regional Council in March, the union's General Grades Committee (part of the national executive) made the following decision on June 1st. The latest report is that "work is in progress".


That we note the resolution from the LT Regional Council and the continuing sackings of our cleaner members and the need to build up our membership in this important grade.

We also take into consideration the recent meeting with our Parliamentary Group, which is placed on file.

The General Secretary is therefore instructed:

THE MODERN DAY SLAVE DRIVERS - Cleaning companies' dirty tactics exposed

The callous sacking of Mary Boakye by ISS is yet another stark example of the brutal methods being deployed by dodgy cleaning companies to silence RMT activists. Her cruel dismissal bears chilling resemblance to other cleaning grade representatives who refused to be muted and have lost their jobs as a result. Cleaning companies are, without doubt, very exploitative, but that ISS in particular is just too brutal in dealing with cleaners is well-documented.

Justice for Mary - Justice for all our Cleaner Grade Members

The dastardly attacks on our cleaning grade activists by ISS, the largest of the cleaning companies, intensified throughout January. Mary Boakye, our dedicated rep at Northumberland Park depot, was wrongly sacked following an accident at work in October, reinstated and then sacked again at a hearing on December 9th. Mary had an appeal hearing at the ISS head office on January 8th. At the same time the secretary of the cleaning grades committee, Clara Osagiede, was facing a trumped up charge of going home early after representing a member.