Defend Victimised Cleaners

Campaigning to defend our cleaners and their union reps against the wave of victimisations that followed their successful strike action for a living wage in 2008.

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ISS CLEANERS! Stand up for your RIGHTS. SUPPORT Mary’s Campaign

Injured at work, refused annual leave, no sick pay, booked off duty without pay, sacked, reinstated, then sacked again

One Cleaner Rep Saved, One Sacked - RMT Continues The Fight

Background information here.

The good news is that the case against Clara was thrown out.

The bad news is that Mary's dismissal was upheld for the second time. The first time round, she was sacked in her absence, when despite giving ISS her address, to which they sent her P45, they claim to have sent the first notice to her old address, stopped her pay because she did not respond, then sacked her!

RMT representative Pat O'Brien got her reinstated. He then represented her at the next hearing, when she was sacked again

RMT to demonstrate against victimisation of ISS cleaners

RMT press release, issued today

RMT TUBE cleaners and their supporters will demonstrate tomorrow at the Greenwich offices of cleaning contractor ISS against its victimisation of union reps following last year’s successful strike for the London living wage.

One RMT rep has already been sacked and another faces disciplinary charges in vindictive attacks on the union following its historic victory against ISS and other Tube cleaning contractors.

Defend Our Cleaners' Reps

ISS cleaning company continues to victimise RMT reps, sacking and disciplining them on trumped-up charges.

A protest is being held outside ISS offices at Greenwich, 15 Park Vista, Greenwich, this Thursday, 8 January, at 11am. Please meet inside London Bridge outside WH Smiths at 10am.

Solidarity is strength.

Labour Representation Committee Supports RMT Cleaners Fighting Victimisation



The LRC supports demonstration against victimisation of tube cleaners

The Labour Representation Committee (LRC) supports the RMT Tube cleaners who will be demonstrating tomorrow (8th January 09) at the Greenwich offices of cleaning contractor ISS against its victimisation of union reps following last year’s successful strike for the London living wage.

Cleaners Refute Reasons For ICS Compliance Checks And Claim Victimisation

ICS management has started the obnoxious compliance check. We all know very well that this is a vicious and calculated device to victimise cleaners for their union activities. Now more than half of the ICS staff are supplied by agencies and one need not be a genius to predict that the current exercise will effectively do our membership a great harm. Indubitably, relying on agency staff serves them perfectly well since they are the most vulnerable of all cleaners. The unwritten law: "Don't join RMT and dance to our tune" or else goodbye.

More Victimised Reps

It looks like the successful campaign to defend Andy Littlechild has taught some managers nothing.

Brendan Judge, an RMT rep in CBS Outdoor, has now been suspended on trumped-up charges.

In a similar vein, ICS cleaning company is demanding to see our rep Fred Dappah's National Insurance number.

Our response must be exactly the same for these reps as it was for Andy.

I will keep you updated.

Defend Our Cleaners

by Becky Crocker, Cleaners’ Co-ordinator, RMT Camden 3 branch

When cleaners took strike action, the cleaning companies victimised key activists.

Stonebridge Park RMT rep, Godday, organised a 100% solid strike at his depot. The day after, he was suspended without pay, removing this inspiring and effective rep from his workplace. Godday has been out of work since early July.