RMT Demands Improvements As Sodexo Contract Extended

Sodexo secured 3 year contract extension with TfL with staffing structure changes taking effect on 1st July 2015; before those changes come in place, Sodexo plans:

  • Enter into formal consultation with all staff on 1st May 2015;
  • Between 1st May and 30th June Sodexo will announce, notify and consult with all Affected Staff;
  • Between 1st May and 15th May to receive from affected Staff preferred option of consultation to Sodexo, available from those choices of consulting method: voluntary acceptance, individual consultation, collective consultation, nominated representative;
  • By 18th May Sodexo will notify all affected Staff of their first consultation; Between 18th May and 30th June a total of up to 3 consultations will take place, with third being final (these are scheduled to take place between 15th and 30th June).
  • Worth of noting is that there's no pressure from TfL to reduce staff.

In light of these plans, RMT was seeking those assurances, to which Sodexo replied:

  • Guarantee of no enforced ( compulsory) redundancy situation - no guarantee of employees not to be made redundant;
  • No requesting of existing employees to re-apply for positions - no requirement to re-apply for unaffected position;
  • No salary loss of existing employees - employees not affected by being "at risk" of redundancy will face no salary loss;
  • No using agency staff prior to or after the change - no agency staff will fill permanently vacant positions


Additionally, RMT is currently in negotiations regarding:

  • Pay increase across all grades within the contract
  • Either free travel or travel allowance for the purpose of travel to and from work....

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