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LUL Plans to Destaff Trains and Stations - This Affects Us All !!!

From RMT London Transport Regional organiser

Here is a signed off copy of London Underground's plans for driverless trains, and unstaffed stations it includes the signatures of several senior engineers and indeed that of Howard Collins himself.

The General secretary has asked me to share the document with you our reps and branches so that you can inform our members accordingly.

Here are a few key points for your attention

Page 62 running crowded driverless trains through unattended stations.

Howard Collins signed this document on 5th October 2011

Page 6 , 1.1 The Railway will be founded on “unattended train operation”

Page 7 paragraph 3 Revenue will increase

Page 14 Unattended train operation benefits.

PAGE 17 ,5.3.1 The train operates “without manual intervention”

Page 17 , 5.2.4 No detrainments unless fire or tunnel collapse.

Page 18, 5.3.5 No train cab

Page 19 ,5.3.8 “no attended intervention”

Page 30 “travel pass vending machine”, no ticket offices.

Page 41 Railway control system does not always have view of the railway.

Page 43 A strategy should be available in 15 minutes to evacuate passengers. So passengers are stuck for up to 15 minutes before even a strategy is worked out of how to rescue them

P46 6.2.2 all trains in unattended mode.

We have already had a press release on this subject and the document attached Lays bare LUL’S plans to launch a major attack on jobs. Please distribute widely and come to the strategy meetings that will be announced shortly on how we will combat this unsafe and reckless proposal.