Defending jobs

Opposing cuts in staffing levels and jobs

New jobs, pensions and agreements ballot for Tube members

A ballot paper is posted into a red post box

26th March 2024

Dear RMT Member,


All London Underground members are commended for maintaining a strong and positive mandate for industrial action throughout this long-running dispute. The anti-trade union laws mean each ballot mandate only lasts for 6 months so another ballot is now due to keep our action live. Your ballot paper will be posted on Thursday 28th March so please look out for it arriving in the post next week. The ballot closes on Thursday 25th April.

Fleet staffing levels concern

1st of March


Further to my previous Circular (IR/374, 22nd December 2023), the Union has raised the issue of Fleet Staffing Levels with LUL and data suggests that only 80% of positions in Fleet Depots are currently filled.

This practice of not filling vacancies is putting enormous strain on Fleet Grades members to cover the workload and keep the train fleets moving. Also the restrictions on transfers is having a significant detrimental effect by creating unnecessarily long waiting lists.

Jobs, Pensions & Agreements dispute - join the online briefing

To: All RMT LUL Members

Dear Colleague,


Please join an important online briefing for all RMT LUL members about the reballot in our campaign to defend your jobs, pensions and agreements.

This is an opportunity to hear from the lead officers and negotiators about why it is so important to deliver a big YES vote in the reballot and have your questions answered.

If you would like to submit a question for the panel, please do so here by 12pm on Monday at the latest.

Strike date changed: Strike called as LU management consider pension attack

See an important update here.

19th October 2022

Dear Colleagues,


I am writing to advise you that London Underground are continuing their sustained attacks on staff through a program of cuts that includes pension changes, job cuts, and the imposition of new working arrangements.

Newsletter: RMT News May 2022

RMT News is the newsletter for station workers on London Underground.

Download it to read the latest news and print and distribute in your station.

In this edition:

  • Station staff ready for action in June!
  • Stations strike and overtime ban
  • Update your details now!
  • Euston and green park members stand against toxic management
  • Join the credit union!

TUC Disabled Workers Condemn P&O Sackings

The TUC's Disabled Members' Committee has made this statement:

Accessible public transport is essential for disabled people to participate in society on an equal and independent basis. To be genuinely accessible, public transport must be adequately staffed by workers with decent standards of training, pay, conditions and security of employment.

P&O protest at parent company HO

RMT will protest outside the London headquarters of P&O’s parent company DP World tomorrow, 18 March, at 16:00. 

The protest follows P&O’s summary dismissal of 800 workers and forms part of a national day of action that will also see protests in Hull, Dover, and Liverpool. 

DP World is a multibillion pound multinational which has seen huge increases in its revenue. It made $1.3 billion profit in 2021, up 19% on the previous year.

Join us at 16 Palace Street, SW1E 5JQ to demand reinstatement for the P&O workers.

Solidarity with P&O workers

Urgent demonstrations on 18th March against - mass sackings on P&O

The UK has today seen one of the most vicious examples of despotic employer behaviour and one of the most shameful episodes in its recent industrial history.

800 workers were sacked immediately, with no notice so they can be replaced by cheaper labour.

There are reports of the use of security guards boarding ships with handcuffs to remove crew so they can be replaced.