ACAS Report On Pay & Night Tube and Job Cuts Disputes

Dear RMT members

Most of you will be aware that we have had a number of magnificent ballot results where members in our union in LUL as well as all of the other tube unions have voted overwhelmingly to fight back. We have four current disputes in LUL:

1. Pay and Night tube
2. Every job matters - defending jobs on London Underground
3. M Door safety alarm procedures - Jubilee Line
4. Introduction of Agency trainers - London Underground

Today and earlier this week myself and our negotiating team spent three sessions at ACAS dealing with the Pay and Conditions /Night Tube dispute . We have demanded that all of our agreements and agreed machinery of negotiation is adhered to ... LUL to date have not done this. The company's position is that all rosters are consultative at level 1 and not for negotiation .

This is totally unacceptable to all the unions.

I have advised LUL when they have confirmed that all agreements and principals for negotiation will be adhered to by management, then we can continue the discussion on the right to a decent pay rise and proper package for night tube and safe arrangements for all employees. This is a position shared by all the unions. No new offer has been made.

We met LUL at 4 pm face to face to discuss the dispute 'Introduction of agency trainers LUL'. Once again we have demanded that the existing agreements to use exclusively directly employ training staff be stuck with along with other critical agreements. Management will respond in due course.

Tomorrow myself and our negotiation teams will be meeting LUL senior managers dealing with the two other disputes.

We are of course available for talks and have advised ACAS and LUL of that.

I will report back with any developments as they arise.


John Leach - RMT regional Organiser, London Transport Region 11