Regional Organisers reports

Reports and updates from Regional organiser John Leach

RMT rejects London Underground 'Train Modernisation' plans

RMT Regional Organiser Jared Wood has written to London Underground to reject their 'Train Modernisation' plans.

In his letter, Jared states:

"A future based on ten-hour shifts, six hours working without a meal-break, remote booking on/off without travelling time, cross-line working, short-notice cover, the end of most spare turns, an end to fixed links, maximising of driving time and minimising of breaks and the reduction of over 300 train operator positions cannot be accepted by RMT."

Defending jobs, pensions and agreements - ACAS report

I today met with senior LUL management under ACAS along with 9 senior representatives from every function on LUL representing over 10K  members.

LUL called this meeting despite us writing to the Mayor of London 13th January demanding talks at his level to discuss the planned attacks on our members which resulted in a magnificent yes vote for industrial action.

London Underground claim that RMT refused ACAS talks incorrect

Dear RMT members

I’m getting fed up with all the not truths being peddled about RMT.

I’m told we refused to go to acas. This is not true and London Underground management know it.

Please see below and you will see an email I sent on the behalf of the RMT to the company last night where I stated, and I quote, "happy to attend ACAS to resolve the dispute. And are available to do so."

RMT appalled by way LUL has acted over Night Tube “grade consolidation” plan

Dear Colleagues

RMT is appalled by the way London Underground has acted over Night Tube “grade consolidation”. Instead of accommodating those NT drivers who want to go full time, they attempt to do away with the grade completely and impose Night Tube shifts on the TO21 drivers.

London Underground management have told us that they are desperate for drivers. Night Tube drivers are fully trained up and many of them are eager to begin a full-time role. The solution therefore is simple: those Night Tube drivers who want to be full time should be promote as a matter of urgency.