Work life balance dispute ACAS update

Your union RMT entered into dispute yesterday over management's failure to adhere to agreements made in the last pay deal.

These are as follows:
- Failure to allow a referendum on the 4 Day trail on the Jubilee line when it finishes in September.
- Failure to introduce a range of pro rota working arrangements to enhance T/ops work life balance.
- Failure to give your Union assurances in regard to no increases in Weekend working for existing T/ops.

Talks are ongoing at ACAS and your Union will update you on any developments,

Piccadilly Line dispute ACAS talks begin

Dear RMT members

Today myself with RMT Piccadilly line reps and TFC met face to face with the LUL JNP Director, Piccadilly line General Manager and ER team at ACAS.

We were able to lay out in detail all of the issues effecting our members that need fixing on the line. We explained the anger of our members and our determination to get justice

Management have agreed to respond to us in writing early next week.

Accordingly we will attend ACAS next week to consider the LUL postion.

I will be in touch with you all after that.

In solidarity,

In Full: Latest ACAS Offer on Pay, Night Tube and 'Fit for the Future: Stations'

A new offer from London Underground was recieved today (Thursday, 21st) at ACAS negotiations for the Pay, Night Tube and Every Job Matters (Fit for the Future: Stations) dispute.  You can read it in full below.  A meeting has been called to discuss the offer - details to be comfirmed.

ACAS Update: New offers made, but serious issues remain

Dear RMT members

Today myself with senior RMT reps met LUL at acas for the second day in this week's talks

A new proposal for Train Operators ref Night tube working / reduced hours /pilot for 4 day 36 hour week / Freeze on weekends working was placed on the table.

Stations.... a lengthy discussion also took place on outstanding issues on FFFS. Some new proposals were made and we have made some progress on these matters, but serious issues on rosters remain.

We further discussed Service Control outstanding matters relating to work life balance.

Night Tube Talks ACAS Update

LUL Pay and Night tube update acas talks 10th November 2015 Today our delegation met the company for the first time since October 14th. No revised offer was made with regards to pay and conditions However the company have said that they are prepared to move away from the interim arrangements and revise it to the long term solution on night tube .

Tube Bosses Response At Tube Strike ACAS Talks 'Very Negative'

To all RMT members in London Underground:

This morning myself and senior RMT stations reps met LUL, with the other unions at ACAS.

The first session dealt with Every Job Matters (Fit For Future Stations) We met management face to face and made a strong case for increasing jobs , no worsening of our rosters, protection for medically restricted staff, part timers, displacements, and so on. Essentially for many improvements for all grades effected.

The response was very negative.

Fleet Agency Trainers Dispute ACAS Update

Today (Monday) I'm attending talks with LUL about our joint dispute with Unite over the outsourcing of LUL jobs (in training) to agency on the Fleet project Heavy Overhaul Programe Lift (HOPL).

This is a major project to overhaul the Central line rolling stock - trains. This project is being used as a Trogan horse to outsource directly employed staff.

RMT and Unite are fighting this tooth and nail and currently we have an overtime ban right across the Fleet membership on LUL.

We have other 'action short' industrial action too.

Fresh ACAS Talks Follow Tube Shut Down

This morning I have been in contact with John Woods at ACAS. He has advised me that ACAS are writing to all the unions today involved in the current disputes at LUL (that are at ACAS level) and inviting us to talks about process (talks about talks) as a first step, starting tomorrow at 10.00.

I have accepted this invitation and confirmed that we will attend. This is a multi layered situation with both disputes connected, especially on station staff rosters.