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Update from RO on talks with LUL - Strike on 10th Nov 2022!

Your RMT negotiators met London Underground yesterday (8/11/22)  and offered to suspend our strike action if management agreed to:

Suspend the implementation of 600 station job cuts until the end of this year.

Make a clear statement that LUL would not agree to detrimental attacks on our pension arising out the current pension review that they are conducting with government.

Tube workers will not pay for crisis with jobs or conditions - download and distribute latest LT regional bulletin

« Any attempt to make tube and TfL workers pay will be met with a ballot for strike action

« RMT is mounting a political campaign to demand full government funding for public transport at this time.

« If the banks could be saved after 2008 then the jobs of working people and public services can be bailed out now.


Download NEC policy statement on fighting redundancies

I have posted below a copy of RMT’s new NEC policy statement on fighting redundancies and attacks on members pay and conditions.

The BBC recently reported that UK firms started consultations on over 300K redundancies in June and July alone. The NEC has taken reports on redundancy threats to RMT members in all sectors. It is vital that we discuss how we can resist job losses and attacks on pay and conditions in the period of economic crisis we are entering.

This is unlikely to be a run of the mill cyclical recession. The Financial Times reports that,

Statement from London Transport Regional Officer

Dear RMT members( London Transport Region)


 As you will see below in our Press release, RMT has concerns re next Monday 11th May being start of government led mobilisation across Britain’s Railways.


Accordingly I immediately wrote to LUL the Managing Director, specifically in relation to all TfL. The M. D confirmed explicitly that this is not the case for TfL and their services ,that their planning date ( which is not fixed 100% ) is still 18th May.


Government & LUL want to abandon Social distancing to increase tube capacity - Download and distribute

Below you can download the latest bulletin explaining how RMT will resist any increase in service without proper health and safety measures being in place. You can also download a copy of the report presented, by LUL, to the UITP, in which they raise the idea of cutting social distancing from 2m.


A story in the Telegraph (Sat 2 May) says the government is looking to abandon the advice to maintain 2m social distancing.