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Stations Ballot Closes on Nov 15

Make sure you return your balot paper in good time and vote YES for strike action and action short of strike action.

Industrial action, which could include an overtime ban, will show that our stations cannot operate with the current staffing levels.

  • Restore all jobs cut under Fit for the Future
  • Stop all displacements until we have an agreed transfer policy
  • All CSAs to be CSA1
  • Put the ticket offcie closures into reverse

Fit for the Future Impact: Ballot Papers will be Out Next Week

RMT has demanded that LU:

  • Restore Jobs cut under Fit for the Future
    • Staff all Control rooms and Ops rooms, Provide more CSAs in ticket halls
    • Add middle turns to break up constant dead early and dead late duties
  • Stop all Displacements until we have an agreed transfer policy
  • Make ALL CSAs into permanent CSA1. All new recruits to be as CSA1
  • Put the failed ticket office closure programme into reverse

Ballot papers for strike action and action short of strike action will be going out to members next week.

Local Investigation Report into Canning Town Evacuation Slams Fit for the Future

A company report into an evacuation that went out of control at Canning Town has blamed inadequate staffing levels and the closure of control rooms.

RMT is calling for the one year review of Fit for the Future to be brought forward. We need more staff now. We need control rooms re-opened.

Download the SFC newsletter here: http://www.rmtlondoncalling.org.uk/content/local-investigatory-report-ca...

Don't Let your Managers Break the Framework

We're hearing of more and more cases of rest days being changed in breach of the framework agreement and HGW being denied where it is due.

Please read and download the guide to working under FftF on this webpage.

A poster to download and display on union notice boards will be available soon showing the web address for the rmtlondoncaling.org.uk/stations area.