Update from RO on talks with LUL - Strike on 10th Nov 2022!

Your RMT negotiators met London Underground yesterday (8/11/22)  and offered to suspend our strike action if management agreed to:

Suspend the implementation of 600 station job cuts until the end of this year.

Make a clear statement that LUL would not agree to detrimental attacks on our pension arising out the current pension review that they are conducting with government.

Conduct talks at the level of dispute resolution and suspend consultation on organisational change at functional or local levels. This would allow us to take a holistic view of management’s proposals across the whole of LUL with a view to seeking a negotiated outcome.

Management refused to accept all three of our proposals to allow meaningful negotiation to take place.

Following this meeting the London Mayor has stated in the press that TfL has NEVER said they will not be changing our pension, only that past accruals will not be changed. The Mayor made it quite clear that as a result of the ‘deal’ he made with the government, pension attacks will follow.

Management are proceeding with 600 job cuts on stations. They refuse to go through the normal safety consultations with us on the impact of reducing staffing levels on stations. They refuse to conduct the normal negotiations on the impact of new rosters on our members.

Management has imposed a new framework on our SRT members.

The way that management is seeking to impose cuts on stations is a warning to every function. Trains and engineering functions are now scheduled for organisational change where management will review agreements and working practices.

We cannot allow these attacks on our members to be imposed. We must fight back