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LU Imposes Transfer & Promotion Policy on Stations

Management have renaged on an agreement to negotiate a Transfer & Promotion policy (T&P).

They will now impose further displacements of members who are covering down or are over establishment.

RMT has insisted that members have some say, through a nomination process, about where they get sent to for their substantive roles.

Managemnet say that each move will be ordered according to what saves LU the most money.

Management intend to push ahead with an imposed policy even though there is no agreed appeals process for members who get displaced.

Latest from Company Council Sub Group (CCSG) Talks

Transfer & Promotion (T&P)

Following months of talks in which RMT has out the issue of avoiding multiole displacements following FftF, LU has finally issued a revised proposla that guarantees no-one will be displaced sideways. What this means is that anyone covering down one grade can only be displaced into their permanent substantive position. This removes the threat, contained in all of LU's T&P proposals until now, that members could be dislaced up to five times as LU shuffled us about to get rid of cover downs and over establishment positions.

RMT Demands Real Negotiations on FftF Issues

LU's new COO has issued a bulletin claiming a bizzare reluctance to talk on the part of the TU's.
Bizarrely, this claim is made by a COO who has yet to utter a word to any officer or rep from any of the TUs.

Following two meetings at ACAS on Pay & Night-tube the outging COO did no more than restate their opening at Company Council two months ago - LU wants a fair, affordable and sustainable pay settlement.

Interim Report from CCSG on Location & Review Process

Displacement Process and Review
We held further talks about the displacement process and proposed review at Company Council Sub-group today. Once again we were not satisfied with LU’s response to the issues we’ve raised and the company has agreed not to proceed with the review until they have considered their position further. They will respond on Tuesday afternoon, next week.
We will issue a Stations Functional Newsletter once the company’s position is clear. For the moment I can make a few points that I know members are asking about:

Latest from Fit for the Future Consultation

I am aware that many questions are being thrown up as LU proceeds to implement Fit for the Future without our agreement.

Ticket Offcie Closures
LU says that it has made its mind up to close every ticket ofcie regardless of all the points raised by RMT.
A list of dates for the closure of every ticket ofice (ex-Silverklink dates TBC but LU is confident they will be shut by the end of 2015) has now been put on the LU Fit for the future site and can be downloaded below.
We will continue to campaign against the closures and will work with the public to stop the company's plans.

Local BNS/Roster Consultation Starts - Preferencing and 30 Min Talks

Local BNS/Roster Consultation starts at Rickmansworth.

The first group to begin the local BNS/Roster consultation is my own, Rickmansworth.
At the initial meeting LU confirmed that they agree with our reading of the BNS methodology, which means that if a CSS/CSM on a lone worked station is utilised in the ticket hall for 3 mins in any 15 min period then there should be a second member of staff in the ticket hall at that time.

L1 reps Should Speak to SFC rep Before attending Ad-Hoc or Informal Meeting Re:Future Stations Plans

RMT Stations Functional Council (SFC) reps have become aware that some L1 Reps on at least two lines have been asked to attend meetings with local and line managers to discuss LU's plans for the future organisation of station staffing.

There has been no formal consultation at any level over this issue and it is a clear breech of our agreed machinery of negotiation for LU to take the matter staright to L1.