RMT Charter for LUL/TfL Workers

The government is putting pressure of TfL and LUL to run a near 100% service to help carry more passengers as people are told to go back to work whether they can socially distance or not.

LUL management know they cannot carry more than 13% of normal capacity while maintaining 2m social distancing. Their answer to that is not to keep passenger levels down to 13% but to abandon social distancing. Having initially told us that face coverings were no protection from Coronavirus they now claim that you can work without social distancing if you wear one. RMT utterly rejects this. There is no medical evidence that a face covering will significantly reduce the risk of contracting coronavirus without maintaining social distancing.

With shops opening from today there is a real risk that passenger numbers will make it difficult for us to work, especially on stations, including cleaners of course, without breaking the 2m social distancing most of the time.

We must not let this become normal. Do not accept being deployed where you cannot maintain 2m distance.

RMT has issued a charter for working during the pandemic, which you ca download here. Please display it at work workplace and circulate it to your fellow RMT members.

Remember, if you cannot work safely, with social distance in place, then you have the right to refuse to do so and remove yourself to a safe place.