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Your RMT Regional Council knows that involving and organising young members is crucial to securing the future of the union and making it more relevant in the workplace.<br>
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Report- Young Members Cuba (organising) Lunch

Report- RMT Young Members Organising Lunch (Cuba Lunch)

On Wednesday the 20th of June seven RMT young members met at Maritime House for an informal organising meeting with lunch. It kicked off with a few of us at 1130 with coffee and were joined throughout the afternoon by other young members.

The focus of the day was on what events and campaigns young members could get involved with throughout the year.

RMT Young Members AGM Educational Course

Circular No. NP/022/12

7th February 2012

To: All Branches & Regional Councils, Regional Organisers and Head Office Officers & Staff.

Dear Colleague

Young Members’ Annual General Meeting Education Course 2012

In recent years the Union has organised a Young Members Education Course to run in parallel with the Unions ‘Parliament’ the Annual General Meeting which has proved highly successful. This year the Annual General Meeting takes place in Torquay, and a similar education course for any of our young members to attend will be organised. To attend you should be a member of the RMT and aged 30 or less on the 23rd June 2012.

Young Members Cuban Lunch

To coincide with the most infamous social of the year the RMT Cuba Garden Party, RMT Young Members plan to make a real occasion of it.

Meeting at Maritime House- Clapham Common (SW4 OJW) at 11am on Wednesday the 20th of June where over a spot of a cuppa and some lunch we plan to discuss the issues which matter to you.

Come along and decide the events which are planned and events we should be planning.

All work, no play and all that lark means that once we’re done we’ll head out probably to a Cuban bar ending back at the Cuban Garden Party at Maritime house.

Generation Lost – Youth Unemployment And The Youth Labour Market

from General Secretary Bob Crow

Please find attached a copy of Generation Lost – Youth unemployment and the youth labour market, a report from the TUC.

Produced as a discussion document, rather than a TUC statement of policy, the pamphlet outlines a number of proposed measures to reduce youth unemployment both in the short term and long term.

I hope you find the material useful, addressing as it does an issue of great significance to RMT and all trade unionists.

Blog: Raise Minimum Wage For Young People Under 21

In its recent budget, the government raised the minimum wage for over 21 year olds in line with inflation, but froze the minimum wage for under 21 year olds. The minimum wage is currently at £6.19 an hour for people aged over 21, compared to £4.98 for under 21 year olds.

There is no evidence to support the government’s argument that this will help to get young people into work. Instead, this unjust measure will only serve to widen the increasing intergenerational inequality that we are seeing in Britain, and force hundreds of thousands of young people further into poverty.

RMT Young Members have a Blast in Brussels

At the end of March RMT young members travelled to Brussels to take part in a rally for nationalisation and against privatisation on the first anniversary of the European Commission's Transport White Paper, which orders states to surrender transport networks to corporate interests

We brought along our handmade banner which we worked really hard creating from scratch. It took a lot of hard work especially as we had underestimated how long it would take. Young members met up at Martine House in Clapham Common the day before to design and create the banner. It was great laugh, we each did small shifts and were powered by liquid nourishment and fish & chips.

It was shorts and t-shirt weather in Brussels and after the rally we enjoyed the many things that Brussels had to offer.

The casualisation of vindictive discriminatory practices

‘The Past We Inherit The Future we Build.’

I am writing to you about an issue which may not seem on the face of it directly a young members issue but if we let these things happen to our fellow workers what will the future be like for us? We cannot let them get away with it, we cannot allow such blatant discrimination, bullying and harassment to become the norm. Such actions pave the way management will behave in the future, we have a lot more years in this company and we cannot allow the casualisation of vindictive discriminatory practices.

RMT Young Members At Brussels 'Nationalisation Not privatisation' Demo

RMT Young Members marched with other transport workers in Brussels on the first anniversary of the European Commission's Transport White Paper, which orders states to surrender transport networks to corporate interests.

The Young Members who attended the conference created their own banner which as the photos below show, really stood out amongst the crowds.

RMTv: Brussels Demonstration -Nationalisation Not Privatisation

Transport workers marched in Brussels on the first anniversary of the European Commission's Transport White Paper, which orders states to surrender transport networks to corporate interests.

The demonstration was attended by London Transport Regional Council members including Young Members.

Filmed and edited by Andrew Brattle.