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Your RMT Regional Council knows that involving and organising young members is crucial to securing the future of the union and making it more relevant in the workplace.<br>
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Young Member AGM Resolutions 2013 Results

Branches sent a number of resolutions to the Young Members Advisory Committee 2013 which took place in Newcastle this February. These were debated at length, some were voted against and fell whilst others were voted in favour and carried.
2 of which were also voted to go to the unions annual general meeting.

Full wording of these resolutions can be found here:

This week at the unions AGM in Brighton the president ruled out Resolution1) No title (re: A Young members fund) for a number of reasons.

TWU America Young Workers Summit 2013

(please see attached-TWU Young Workers Summit 2013- Summery)

The Transport Workers Union of America (TWU) had their first youth meeting in Washington DC a couple of months ago attracting 14 young workers, there they created a draft constitution (bylaws) in view of forming a young workers committee. Following this meeting they took on draft amendments.

DEMO- Young Members lead the way

In the spirit of revolutionary Cuba, RMT young members are spearheading an anti McNulty demo prior to the Cuba Solidarity Garden Party.

The general secretary and assistant general secretaries have all confirmed their attendance.

Bring banners, flags, whistles etc to Kings Cross Station.

Poster attached.

Contact Gaz for more details:

International Workers Day 2013- TWU RMT

Two short videos: Check out the video of the RMT Youth supporting the Transport Workers Union of the United States Young Workers in its international workers day (May Day) protests.

Marches and occupations took place against outsourcing of workers and against union busting companies.


Young Members AGM Course 2013

Young Members’ Annual General Meeting Education Course 2013

In recent years the Union has organised a Young Members Education Course to run in parallel with the Unions ‘Parliament’ the Annual General Meeting which has proved highly successful. This year the Annual General Meeting takes place in Brighton, and a similar education course for any of our young members to attend will be organised. To attend you should be a member of the RMT and aged 30 or less on the 22nd June 2013.

Resolutions for the Executive from Young Members Conference 2013

Resolutions were sent from branches to the young members conference 2013. Where they were debated and voted on. The following were passed and are to be sent to the executive.

Resolution 1)
no title (re: Mentoring and shadowing)
This Union recognises that there is still more work to do, to assist our comrades within our equality networks to participate and become involved with shaping the union. Young members are fundamental to the future of our union. The experience they gain mobilise a fresh approach to our strategies and organisation.

Young Members AGM Resolutions 2013

The following resolutions were sent to the young members conference 2013 by branches and passed by the young member delegates.
These two resolutions are to be sent to the RMT Annual General Meeting.

Resolution1) No title (re: A Young members fund)
This conference notes that there is a large amount of surplus money sitting in Branch Management Funds that just gets increases every year.

This money is meant to be spent on activities so we believe that 10% of this surplus money should be put into a development fund for young members to be nominated around the beginning of October.

TUC Young Members Conference 2013

Trade Union Congress Young Members Conference 23-24th March 2013

Attached is the agenda for the TUC young members conference which takes place at Congress house, Great Russell street, London (nearest tube Tottenham court road).

We submitted 1 motion- M8:

Conference notes the government wants public sector workers to pay increased pension contributions, work for more years and receive a smaller pension on retirement than they do currently.

Drop in session to discuss Workplace Harassment and Bullying

LU Engineering branch have organised a drop in session to discuss workplace harassment and bullying.
All RMT members are welcome, please circulate flyer to friends you feel would benefit from the session, but do not display on workplace noticeboards, for fear of management repercussions.

The event will be held upstairs at the Exmouth Arms, Starcross Street, London NW1 (near Euston station)

The event will run on Wednesday April 17th, from 12pm til 6pm, please drop in any time you can.