The casualisation of vindictive discriminatory practices

‘The Past We Inherit The Future we Build.’

I am writing to you about an issue which may not seem on the face of it directly a young members issue but if we let these things happen to our fellow workers what will the future be like for us? We cannot let them get away with it, we cannot allow such blatant discrimination, bullying and harassment to become the norm. Such actions pave the way management will behave in the future, we have a lot more years in this company and we cannot allow the casualisation of vindictive discriminatory practices.

The case that I am referring to is the Dismissal of Dayna Nembhard, she was a CSA on the Baker Street group. In a KFC restaurant not in full uniform Dayna was a victim of a racist attack, fearing harm to her unborn child she defended herself, the police investigated the case and cleared her of any wrong doing.

You would have thought London Underground would offer her advice and support as per their duty of care, instead they chose to sack her.

Apparently the police could not be trusted to investigate properly nor could their judgement be relied upon so a Duty Station Manager took it upon himself to investigate what had occurred. He and London Underground claim that the police were wrong in their findings and that Dayna’s employment must be terminated immediately.

Cleared by the Police, Sacked by London Underground

Q. What can you do to ensure that this doesn’t happen to you? A. We need to ensure that Dayna is reinstated.

The RMT are campaigning hard but we need the help of every member, in every grade, of every age group to help out. There are lots of things going on, spread the word and get involved.

Please click here to sign the petition then forward to all your contacts.

Jayesh Patel, RMT London Transport Region Young Members Officer