RMT Young Members have a Blast in Brussels

At the end of March RMT young members travelled to Brussels to take part in a rally for nationalisation and against privatisation on the first anniversary of the European Commission's Transport White Paper, which orders states to surrender transport networks to corporate interests

We brought along our handmade banner which we worked really hard creating from scratch. It took a lot of hard work especially as we had underestimated how long it would take. Young members met up at Martine House in Clapham Common the day before to design and create the banner. It was great laugh, we each did small shifts and were powered by liquid nourishment and fish & chips.

It was shorts and t-shirt weather in Brussels and after the rally we enjoyed the many things that Brussels had to offer.

Young members with their ‘stop the EU wrecking club’ banner made the front cover of the RMT news and our very own Sam was pictured next to Bob Crow in the main article. Eurostar tickets were heavily subsidised by the union and I would recommend such events to young members in the future.

The young members group is often holding events, including education courses throughout the year the union will cover accommodation, food, travel and loss of earnings where paid release is not granted from work.

Keep an eye out for details.

Jayesh Patel, London Transport Region Young Members Officer

Young Members are on Twitter: @RMTYoungMember
and have a facebook group