Resolutions for the Executive from Young Members Conference 2013

Resolutions were sent from branches to the young members conference 2013. Where they were debated and voted on. The following were passed and are to be sent to the executive.

Resolution 1)
no title (re: Mentoring and shadowing)
This Union recognises that there is still more work to do, to assist our comrades within our equality networks to participate and become involved with shaping the union. Young members are fundamental to the future of our union. The experience they gain mobilise a fresh approach to our strategies and organisation.

We propose that we initiate a programme of mentoring and shadowing geared towards young members, with senior RMT officers committing a part of their working calendar to share knowledge and educate subscribed candidates to this scheme.

By encouraging young members to appreciate activism at an early stage of their careers, it will ensure they can gain necessary knowledge and experience, so that they are fully confident in TU matters.

Resolution 2) Young member regional officers
We note that some regional councils nationally have had a filled post of a ‘young members officer,’ for some time now. In order to assess the effectiveness of this position and to give other regional councils who do not have the post an idea about its effectiveness this resolution calls for the council of executives to:

i) ask regions with young members officers to submit a report to the council of executives on the benefits of having a regional young members officer
ii) for these reports to be shared with the young members advisory committee
iii) for an agenda item title ‘the benefits of young member regional officers’ placed with the young members advisory committee.
iv) If responses are positive: for the union to create a circular with the assistance of the young members advisory committee to be sent to all regional councils outlining the benefits of having a young members officer