Young Member AGM Resolutions 2013 Results

Branches sent a number of resolutions to the Young Members Advisory Committee 2013 which took place in Newcastle this February. These were debated at length, some were voted against and fell whilst others were voted in favour and carried.
2 of which were also voted to go to the unions annual general meeting.

Full wording of these resolutions can be found here:

This week at the unions AGM in Brighton the president ruled out Resolution1) No title (re: A Young members fund) for a number of reasons.
This was contested by a minority of delegates but not enough for a debate to ensue.
A full explanation of the reasons for this will be given in writing by the secretary of the young members advisory committee- Bob Crow in due course.

Elected delegates to the AGM discussed and voted in favour (carried) Resolution2) Young Member exchange program and this now will become part of the unions policy.