Used. Abused. Refused. Now re-abused

Used refused and abused,
Now re-abused.

It is disingenuous of London Underground to suggest that the assessments our 33 members were expected to take part in were fair and above board.
The feeling amongst the 33 RMT members is that they were never going to be given a fair crack of the whip on these assessments. What they saw with their own eyes certainly never gave them any confidence they were being treated fairly.
On Tuesday, all black and ethnic applicants at the assessment centre were informed that they had failed. Meanwhile, a white applicant initially informed that he had failed, later received a phone call on his way home, advising that the centre had made a mistake and was now allowing him through. Is LU filling job vacancies based on meeting quotas?
It is a farce that these applicants are made to perform circus tricks (jumping through hoops) by attending workshops. It brings into question the legitimacy of the workshop when such a low uptake is successful compared to external counterparts. It cannot be forgotten that all these applicants have been working in the roles that they were assessed on.
Those that somehow slipped through the screening process and went through to the interview stage have been told they face a further 10 days before finding out if they are successful in getting a job. A job let’s not forget they have been doing for the past 5 years
We have been used. Abused. Refused. We have now been re-abused.
We will not be ignored & we will not go away until we get Justice for the 33

The campaign so far:
An online labourstart petition, with signatories now standing at over 3300, please support this at .LabourStart Campaign
All these emails are sent to LUL senior management. Add your name to show your disapproval of their behaviour.
We have held a soup kitchen outside Broadway supported by RMT AGS Steve Hedley. Steve took the responsibility of handing soup and bread rolls to members of the 33 and their supporters. There were over 60 people in attendance.
We have held noisy and vibrant demos at various LUL & Tfl building and premises including City Hall & Windsor House. Support from many GLA members received.
Supporting other victimised workers,Petrit Mijad, victimised RMT Sodexho rep and Frank Morris , RMT blacklisted Crossrail worker on their demos and protest meetings.
On-going visits to branches and workplaces to highlight and publicise the unfair and unjust way our 33 brothers and sisters have been treated. We have received full solidarity from the whole region.
Keep up to date with the campaign by visiting: