Stop the victimisation of RMT young members activist Jayesh Patel!

The Bakerloo Branch agreed the following resolution for the attention of the RMT's General Grades Committee.

“This branch notes the appalling treatment of our young member and activist Brother Jayesh Patel at the hands of LU. Bro Patel was acting in the interests of safety when he requested ‘assisted despatch’ at two overcrowded stations on 1st of February 2013. This branch is amazed that as a result of carrying out these actions he was told to detrain and run out of service. Worse still he was instructed to attend a location away from his home depot to participate in a fact finding. Unfortunately the fact finding interview turned into a Gestapo interrogation where our member was denied the right to ask questions, denied the right to have physical break and denied to go home after his booking off time. Worse, this branch notes that since this time LU have added insult to injury and have stood down him down from that date.

The Bakerloo Branch believes the reason for this outrageous treatment from LU is the background of our detrainment dispute. We also believe that LU have ‘form’ when it comes to victimising our members and that this is the real motivation behind the treatment of Jayesh. The Bakerloo Branch calls on the RMT General Grades Committee to enter into dispute with LU over their treatment of our member and to arrange a ballot for industrial action of our driver members on the combine. ”