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Oyster Card Proposed Minimum £5 Top-Up LUL

From RMT official circular IR/86/09, dated 17th March 2009

I have been informed that LUL are trialling a minimum £5 Oyster top – up. LUL are stating that this is to help commuters to speed up their journey and shorten queues.

RMT’s view is that this is clearly targeted at poor people including pensioners and the unemployed.

While claiming to be an attempt to cut queues it is in fact part of an attempt to find ways of reducing the services to passengers and to undermine ticket offices.

Yours Sincerely

Bob Crow General Secretary

'RMT Platform' 16 March 2009 - Call This A Pay Offer?!

The new issue of 'RMT Platform' - RMT's newsletter for London Underground stations and revenue staff - condemns LUL's five-year pay 'offer', and urges all members to vote Yes in RMT's ballot for industrial action and to get involved in the union's campaigning.

It also reports on the pressure managers are putting on ticket sellers, advises members to submit grievances against snow day deductions, outlines the process for lifting the limit on transfer and promotion nominations and celebrates a victory for common sense and RMT!

'RMT Platform' 5 November 2008: LUL Prepares to Displace CSAs

The new issue of our 'RMT Platform' newsletter for London Underground station and revenue staff warns of LUL's intention to displace 'over-establishment' CSAs away from their current stations and use them as 'line reserves', and urges staff to prepare to fight against this move. It also reveals - and condemns - management's ultimatum that we must reduce RCI reps before they will recognise reps in the SRT.

Station supervisor conference re cleaning issues

This resolution, submitted by Finsbury Park branch, was passed at the October 2008 meeting of the Regional Council

This branch notes the concerns expressed by our station members about the effects of the cutback on station cleaners on cleaners' workload, levels of cleanliness and attendant health and safety issues.

We call on the regional council to organise a meeting of station reps and supervisors to discuss this issue.

East Ham Fights Back

by Rick Grogan, RMT rep, East Ham group

On East Ham group there is an ongoing dispute due to management’s disregard of proper procedure and the bullying and unfair sacking of staff.

A meeting with management made things worse, with management now saying you are not entitled to a union rep until you have been off sick for 28 days.

This opens the door to widespread abuse and bullying of staff. We have been struggling for over a year to get management to accept our agreements and now they have shown their contempt and torn up our right to representation when off sick.

Station Staff In The Firing Line

by Janine Booth, Stations & Revenue Council

As well as the Attendance Clampdown and unfair sackings (reported elsewhere in this newsletter),

LUL management are attacking station and revenue staff’s rights in several other ways: • threatening to forcibly displace staff away from the station they enjoy working at; • misusing the new Special Requirements Team (SRT) to cover for under-staffing of stations; • reorganising Revenue Control and making RCIs feel insecure about their jobs;