3000 Signatures: One Minute Of Your Time To Save The Jobs Of 33 Of Your Workmates

Please click this link to take part in our online campaign calling on London Underground to offer permanent employment to the 33 staff left without work when the Trainpeople agency’s contract came to an end:

LabourStart Campaign

Thirty-three agency staff working on London Underground, some for as long as five years, were told just before Christmas that the contract with their agency, Trainpeople, had been ended, and that they would lose their jobs in January.

The workers had joined RMT and campaigned successfully for equal pay with permanent staff, but the contract was then terminated without warning and London Underground told them that applications for direct employment would not be considered, making a mockery of Agency Worker Regulations that are supposed to protect their rights.

Every click will help to crank up the pressure on London Underground Ltd to do the right thing.